bondage dreams

Very philosophical pictures. Indeed, who knows, probably your partner, your colleague, your friend, your neighbour secretly desires something you stopped even dreaming about?

Or a little bit different? Two jokes have been posted to 3xl blog article:

A couple meet in a bar, and over a few drinks discover a mutual interest in kinky sex. So eventually they retire to her place.

She excuses herself to go change into something a little more…different. She comes back out twenty-five minutes later wearing thigh-high boots, an hour glass corset, opera gloves, and an executioners hood, cracks a bull whip and says “On your knees, slave.”

He, sitting naked on the couch, smoking a cigarette, looks up and asks “What are you going on about?”

She replies “I thought we were going to have kinky sex.”

He exhales smoke and says “Well, I already shat in your purse and fucked your dog. What else is there?”

A man and a lady in the bar:.
The man stands up, come to the lady’s table and asks:
Guy:”Madam, are you into kinky sex?”
Girl:”No! What are you talking about? That I’m some kind of a freak?”
After a short pause she asks him:
Girl:”And you, are you into kinky sex?”
Guy:”No! Thank God, no! I’m not a pervert!” and he comes back to his table.
“What a pity… ” sighed both of them.