Winter vs Fetish

I can easily imagine winter fetish clothes. Girls in sheep skin coats, sheer shiny pantyhose and uggs, for example. Gleaming eyes, shiny lipstick, snowflakes on their long curly hair… Beautiful, exciting, promising…

Yes, my imagination still works but the reality is “counter productive”. Overly sensitive skin, dry air and static electricity inside, frost, wind, mud, salt, slush and absence of snow outside make me think of a warm blanket and a cup of hot tea with chocolate. I have energy only to sleep or read something interesting and then sleep.

Pantyhose is not a fetish anymore but a piece of clothes which can help you to fight the cold. Tight lycra irritates the skin. And forget about latex… Brrrr

14 thoughts on “Winter vs Fetish”

  1. I’ve. Seen some very interesting “thermo” leotards and unitards on dhya-shop. Might be nice for a cold walk in the snow under normal clothing.

  2. I do like hooded down clothes and neatly wrapped woman-faces. Lots to see here these days 🙂

    Timed self-bondage might indeed be a nightmare now, but playing with rope makes me feel warm pretty soon.

    Another effective method of self-warming is a not too tight latex sleeping bag. The air inside warms up quickly and it stays inside naturally.

    The starting pages of seem to reflect the winter as well 😉

  3. I forgot to mention, that I had to work in a cold storeage house for a couple of days. The temperature was around 1°C and wearing pantyhose underneath lose pants really helped a lot. But I had to wear a tight gymnastic suit to stop the pantyhose from slipping down. There are indeed some everyday-uses of our fetishes 🙂

  4. I recall from the last time the UK had really cold tempratures and deep snow (the early 80’s) a story that made the press.

    A man was rescued from his car, buried deep in a 10ft snowdrift, and claimed he’d stayed warm by wearing all the pairs of tights he was transporting.

    He told the police and reporters he was a hosiery salesman, but now I wonder…


    Ps. having problems ‘commenting’ on blog… hope it’s only me

  5. Funny you should mention that. I lost a post yesterday evening. Was quite annoyed about it too.. 😛 It was in the philosophical blog post. I reposted it just now.

  6. Probably it was a mysql malfunction or overload. The providers complained that my processes took too much memory/CPU and I complained back that it usually happens when mysql performs badly. Just in case I tweaked the site a bit to reduce the load. Let’s see if it helps.

    Have to find some time to finally recheck/rewrite some “internals”.

  7. But back to the subject. It’s still “freezingly” cold but I need to make a new latex order ASAP or I will loose the discount. Need to focus…

  8. Like Ra wrote:

    Have a look in that thread – I approved it. See the link?

    Yes I do.. ~_~; My apologies. now there are basically two posts more or less stating the same though. Oh well..

  9. I always liked such suits too. Slippery inside. I immediately imagine thin sheer pantyhose worn underneath. The suit and pantyhose gently glide on each other…

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