“Latex” leotard from Kova & T
or What Dasha Zhukova is wearing

Wetlook Kova & T latex body leotard or swimsuitSee my previous posts about Dasha Zhukova.

This is what Dasha Zhukova is wearing! Just found this thing on eBay. Apparently it’s called Kova & T latex Oxy leotard. (Found in this store).

On the photos below you can see that Dasha is wearing latex Oxy leggings with this leotard (or body, or swimsuit). I wonder what is worn on top? Leotard on top of leggings (always the preferred way 😉 or leggings on top of leotard?

5 thoughts on ““Latex” leotard from Kova & T
or What Dasha Zhukova is wearing”

  1. ive always liked this suit, especially with it on hot models!

    i like the model who wears it with the dress and black tights, its a good look

  2. One drawback. I would prefer that leotard/body/whatever with closed back.

    OTOH, don’t like it? Start you own business and make what you want. Just like Dasha 😉

  3. yeah i would prefer that too (better bondage!)

    hmmm, ill wait til im out of college first, but yeah

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