Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 51. How did you discover butt-plugs?

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How many people does it take to insert a suppository and then pull out the finger? The manga suggests at least three, but the most interesting thing is the side effect of this procedure. A wiggling finger in your anus… Hm…

And here’s are the actual questions:

  • How did you discover butt-plugs?
  • How did you dare to try one?
  • At what age did you first tried to insert anything on your rectum?

My story is a bit strange and a bit embarrassing to tell in person 🙂 But here it is, anyway:

I think I was 13 or 14yo. I was in a forest and urgently needed to “to go to the bathroom”. So, I found a secluded spot near a burdock and squatted down. Nothing weird so far 😉 Then it happened. (No, no latex covered cocks, nothing like that 😉

The grass under me was quite high and rigid, so one piece of my faeces was almost standing vertically, and when I shifted my weight a bit backwards it easily entered me back 😀 Surprisingly the feeling was very pleasurable and I even tried a couple of times more, rocking back and forth.

Of course, I remembered this experience and when I returned home I tried various thin objects line parts of pens. Then I started looking for anything I could use as a butt-plug.

This is how it began. What is your story?

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