Stumbled upon on eBay. Blue latex catsuit with an interesting zipper

blue latex zentai catsuit Blueman_05What: Royal blue latex “zentai” catsuit with a hood and shoulder zipper

Where: the item, the shop

Why: first of all I like latex, catsuits and royal blue colour. But that’s not it. Have a closer look at the zipper.

I see the following pro’s:

  • more flexibility and freedom
  • the zipper is not under stress in comparison with a zipper located at the back
  • the suit beneath the zipper can be made absolutely hermetical (you need to ask to attach feet and remove the crotch zip)
  • the zippers can easily be made lockable (just ask for it)

On the other hand, there are some contra’s:

  • it will be not that easy to get in
  • arms and shoulders are very mobile and that will put lots of pressure on the shoulder part of the zipper
  • Anyway, I haven’t seen such a construction before and it look very interesting.

4 thoughts on “Stumbled upon on eBay. Blue latex catsuit with an interesting zipper”

  1. Sorry, I am the one who always finds the hair in the soup. Zippers can’t be stretched and that could be uncomfortable. I have a tight lycra sleeping bag with a horizontal zipper and I don’t like it for exactly that reason.

  2. What do you think is worse – the horizontal zipper or a usual rear zipper? I think the rear zipper should be much more noticeable.

  3. The vertical rear zipper is along the spine and moves with it. If the suit is the correct size, bowing forward is restricted a bit but that’s it. While a horizontal zipper definitely inhibits forward movement of the much more sensible shoulders. If you look at the pictures, the shoulders of the guy always form a straight line. Right now it occurs to me that these effects might be the reason why so many suits have a front zipper, which is indeed the best solution when there is no hood.

  4. Strappado wrote:

    which is indeed the best solution when there is no hood.

    Absolutely agree. Also, if the collar is too tight you can correct that with the zipper.

    OTOH, no front zipper means “cleaner view”. See, for example, these body bag #1 with a side zipper: /blog/wp/archives/4950

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