blue latex zentai catsuit Blueman_05What: Royal blue latex “zentai” catsuit with a hood and shoulder zipper

Where: the item, the shop

Why: first of all I like latex, catsuits and royal blue colour. But that’s not it. Have a closer look at the zipper.

I see the following pro’s:

  • more flexibility and freedom
  • the zipper is not under stress in comparison with a zipper located at the back
  • the suit beneath the zipper can be made absolutely hermetical (you need to ask to attach feet and remove the crotch zip)
  • the zippers can easily be made lockable (just ask for it)

On the other hand, there are some contra’s:

  • it will be not that easy to get in
  • arms and shoulders are very mobile and that will put lots of pressure on the shoulder part of the zipper
  • Anyway, I haven’t seen such a construction before and it look very interesting.