Shiny pantyhose, wetlook catsuit and bad fit. Part III

shiny lycra wetlook catsuit and high heelsSee Part I and Part II.

It was sunny today. Not very warm, 15°C, but the bright sun compensated the chilly wind. The time of the mixed clothes. At the same time you can see people in winter clothes and in shorts and t-shirts.

What I like about this season is it’s the time when girls begin to switch to short skirts and thin sheer pantyhose. But for some reason the centre of Utrecht was full of short evening dresses, “sparkling” skirts, high heels, shiny or sheer black pantyhose. One of the events took place in the Schouwburg.

I wish I had a photo camera and spare time. But I was driving and was already late. Then a girl in wet- latexlook leggings caught my attention. The rubber shine was pleasing my eyes until I came closer: the fit was terrible.

Here’s a question. What would you prefer too see (considering that it’s the same person):

  1. “bad fitting” fetish clothes (think of too big size, bad design, bad quality, but latex, shiny lycra or PVC, whatever you like most).
  2. “good fitting” normal clothes (let’s say, jeans, t-shirt and sneakers/slippers)

As an example have a look at the photos below:

If I were alone, I would choose #1.
If I were in public – #2.
My partner would definitely go for #2, because she would feel terribly in a bad fitting clothes.

2 thoughts on “Shiny pantyhose, wetlook catsuit and bad fit. Part III”

  1. i would have to go with #2, because theres always the option for well fitting fetish clothes later, where its kind of ruined if the clothes are badly fitting to begin with

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