Bondage in movies, TV-series and kids fairy tales

When and where have you seen bondage for the first time? In a book? Take, for example, Pushkin’s “Tale of the dead princess and the seven knights”

And when breath she had recovered
Summoned Smudge, her chamber maid,
And to her instructions gave:
“Take the Princess to the forest,
Bind her hand and foot and forehead
To a tree! When wolves arrive
Let them eat the girl alive!”
. . .
“Well?” demanded the Tsaritsa,
“Where’s that pretty little creature?”
“In the forest on her own,”
Smudge replied. “And there she’ll stay.
To a tree I firmly lashed her.

(Actually, in the original she “tightly bound her elbows together”.)

On the TV? I think most will say – the TV. This is another example of a very erotic (in my opinion) bondage scene in an absolutely innocent fairy tale called “Morozko” (Frost), when a beautiful girl was kidnapped and bound to a tree by a gang of robbers.

And this is what this forum thread is about: bondage in TV series.

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