Breath control art, plastic bags or thin transparent film. Part I

Bondage and asphyxiation-02 artLet’s begin with crossing all “t”‘s – I’m not into asphyxiation. Period.

But what I do like is to be encased in skin tight absolutely transparent film. Probably even immersed in water. But I do want to breath! Unfortunately this is not possible in real life, you can’t plastic bags do not allow air through, unless punctured, but that ruins the theoretical fun.

But I can have a dream, can’t I?

This what the pictures below mean to me. Again – no breath control or autoerotic asphyxiation.

24 thoughts on “Breath control art, plastic bags or thin transparent film. Part I”

  1. I love asphyxiation play with my bondage — glad you can appreciate those images, I certainly do. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Dear, i loved the images. Can I kibndly ask you if you know the author or the site for the serie with the pink aired woman, the one depicted always with the plastic bag over her head? It’s really incredible and seems the author did also a videogame about it.
    Thank you.

  3. Querthe ” wrote:

    if you know the author

    All I know is that his name is N65.

    Querthe ” wrote:

    the author did also a videogame about it.

    No, these are just drawings. Probably made with an on-line drawing tool (“oekaki”).

  4. On asphyxiation-11:

    This one could actually be fun to try with your partner… a trip into the shopping mall or another place, you are forced to focus on hand to press air in

  5. On asphyxiation-11:

    Maybe i should ask my girlfriend, if she want to try it, want to hehe. That feeling you are forced to pump all the time, have high focus on your breathing so you don’t pass out or worse. but here is the good thing to have your partner with you, if their shows any problems

  6. Morten A ” wrote:

    are forced to pump all the time

    BTW, there must be an “exhaust valve” as well.

    Morten A ” wrote:

    Maybe i should ask my girlfriend

    Does she know about your fetishes?

    BTW, do not forget to take photos if you decide to replicate this “scenario”.

  7. She know my fetish for latex, we have 2 catsuits, 2 dresses and a G-string as she actually spent with more than I had expected.
    She Told Me, a few years ago in biology, they had something about body, they had an assignment on how the body uses the oxygen in your body as you get through the lungs. They would see who could inhale longest time through a plastic bag over your head (not to say a dangerous task for high school students) She found it exciting in a weird way, she said.
    So here a few days ago she told me she wanted to try it again, but there should be a little more challenging this time. Then I thought, yes, so I can try to tie the cinch Noose Combine with a wrist coil behind her back. But when she said she wanted to be surprised with what I would do it while she sleeps (she sleeps heavy) even while her hands are tied, I would then apply a plastic bag over her so she would wake up and find out that now it is reality her imagination. So now we see how it’s going to go

    When she told me I was such woow, I did not think about you.
    But it is good to have a hobby together, that’s what people say * gg *

    And about pictures. It’s our little secret, she says. I would not lose the opportunity to practice my fetish with someone who also have the same festish like me. Not even for private collection. But it’s also nice that she feels that way, I think she finds it more “naughty” by nobody knows about it, apart from in here, yes, but she does not know the website hehe

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