Breath control art, plastic bags or thin transparent film. Part II

asphyxiation-24See Part I

As I’ve already said: do not try that at home! Looks stimulating, but is deadly.

This is what I like about manga – you can (or someone else can for you) draw something what could never be achieved in the real life. Better than nothing, right? And sometimes much better (and definitely sterile) that in the real life. A highly condensed, distilled and refined fetish stuff.

12 thoughts on “Breath control art, plastic bags or thin transparent film. Part II”

  1. Yeah, I know this site. Found it while investigating vacuum beds. Scary…

    As I said many times, I do not like torture, I do not like asphyxiation, I do not like branding, hanging or anything associated with pain and possible medical (or lethal) consequences.

    I hope the girl in the videos likes it. And the scenes were filmed under medical supervision. But still scary …

  2. man these are good, i especially like the blue suit (that only insane people get to enjoy, whatever that thing is called)

  3. Image 24 reminds me of an artist I’ve seen before. I wish i could remember the name because I’ll be all night searching for it.

    Great pictures.

  4. I found it for any one that’s interested. All though not quite how i remember it and defiantly not the artist of pic 24

    If any body does know the artists of 24/22 can they link them?

  5. This is another site I used to visit quite often. Thanks for reminding. Need to update my link pages. They are way outdated.

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