These things happen, demotivators again or Lady GaGa and her weird shoes

Unfortunately these things happen from time to time. Even top sporters can fall during a casual walk, let alone “usual” celebrities wearing such extravagant shoes (made by Noritaka Tatehana, by the way).

High heels are dangerous, but high platforms are even more dangerous. I’ve read many stories about falling on the stage, but since Lady Gaga wears the same kind of clothes (thank her for that pleasure) literally everywhere, the probability of an accident is growing up with every “casual walk”.

Fortunately nothing serious happened with her at Heathrow. No injury. No twisted joints. No broken glasses. I don’t understand how she managed to get back on her feet from the crouching position on the floor even with the help of that guy. It should be very difficult to do considering the height of the platform and the “virtual” heel.

But what surprised me most is the people reaction on the photos and in the various forums. No sympathy. No support. Only sarcasm, mockery and hatred. From “Be like others! Stop showing off!” to “I wish she broke her legs”.

I don’t get it… Why are people so cruel?

A mental note to the selfbondagers among us. If you are wearing high heels, you may fall. Even if you are not wearing high heels you may fall. Please do estimate the possible consequences BEFORE tying yourself up.

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