Amsterdam. Taft. Lola Shoes. Wolford 15.

Wolford 15Unlike our expectations the weather in NL this fall is a bit colder, so I was wearing dark gray long trousers, dark gray sneakers, dark blue t-shirt, very dark green fleece jacket and dark gray Wolford 15 pantyhose. “15” is both a name and a thickness. Typical Wolford. Very comfortable no-looker. Perfect fit, perfect comfort, almost opaque despite famous “15 den appearance”, questionable colour. But OK to wear under trousers without socks. I bought them at 50% discount, btw. The original price (20€) is ridiculously high in my opinion.

Our goal was a shoe shop “Taft” located in one of the most crowded shopping streets of A’dam. My wife is obsessed with an idea to buy me a new pair of high-heels and Taft is the only shop (we know of) in NL where you can buy good quality wearable 4.5-5.5″ heels.

(Demask or Absolute Danny are not counted because of a very limited choice and rather high prices.) Big sizes is not an issue in Holland (a country with the tallest population), so my size is considered a normal women’s size here. Unless your feet are really big, you don’t have to go to a fetish/TV shop or make special orders. What is convenient.


In a nutshell, it was a very interesting experience. I tried 5 or 6 pairs of different models and was almost shocked to know that 4.5″ heels can be as comfortable, stable and wearable as, say, sport shoes. And depending on the quality and a model/style even 5-5.5″ is not that scary (Spanish “Lola Shoes”).

Unfortunately, we didn’t buy anything for me (no quality, comfort, sexiness, fetishness compromises are accepted!) and bought a pair of “Clarks” (no, no high heels, but exceptional quality and comfort) for my wife.

If anybody knows a good high-heels shop in NL, BE or DE (near NL), please let me know.

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  1. Ik heb goede ervaring met:
    edisinsstraat 6

    groot assortiment en relatief goedkoop


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