Classical singer Katherine Jenkins in a latex dress. Part I

katherine jenkins in latex dress and 8 inch heels -02A Welsh classical-popular singer Katherine Jenkins performed at club night G-A-Y in London in a latex dress and 8″ platform heels. It WAS rubber, not PVC, wetlook lycra, plastic or any other materials mentioned some media. Katherine herself said that. Period.

She did not mention who the maker was, whether the dress was lined with silk or nylon, how it was felt, but there is another worth mentioned thing: hundreds of Swarovsky crystals glued on her skin. It took 3 hours to apply them on one by one with tweezers.

See 12 photos below (6 hi-rez images)

3 thoughts on “Classical singer Katherine Jenkins in a latex dress. Part I”

  1. she wears her rubber dress like she means it,so I guess she does!

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