Shiny stockings and photo cameras

shiny stockings, high heels photo cameraAnother photo for the “Pantyhose and Photo cameras” collection. In this case sparkling shiny stockings and high heeled boots.

Can anybody recognize the camera?

Thanks to Origveli.

6 thoughts on “Shiny stockings and photo cameras”

  1. What I want to know is why more of the men in room aren’t paying attention to her lovely legs?! Only one seems to be looking…

    I’f I’d been there I would have the bruises to show for it (walking into walls, tables, chairs and girlfriend’s elbow/knee/fist)


  2. Can anybody recognize the camera?

    hi, the camera is a Nikon D2 with an 28-70/2.8 AF-S an the SB-800 flash with softbox…

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