Can this strait-jacket bodysuit be used for self-bondage?

Strait-jacket lycra bondage suit with a hoodJust found this suit on eBay (let’s call it bondage leotard).

It’s made out of lycra, not expensive, has some interesting features. But the question is: can this suit be used for self-bondage?

I see at least one problem: it could be very difficult to close the zippers when your hands are in those fingerless mittens.


8 thoughts on “Can this strait-jacket bodysuit be used for self-bondage?”

  1. At the price it would be worth trying just to find out what your could do. Rigging the zippers and buckles for self bondage would take some planning and experimenting, and that’s half the fun!

  2. Maybe you could put a clippy or keychain on the zippers so they’re easier to grasp?

  3. I bought the same on ebay and it is fantastic. But my Straightsjacket is made of 0,6mm Latex. It is from a chinese producer his ebay name is super-qiqi, right?
    At first i had a little sorrows about the shipping, but it worked. And it was very cheap. The Quality is amazing. I didn`t try it for selfbondage but i am shure with a few modifications it is possible. I cut some eyeholes. This is a good help.

    This is his Shop (good quality): Super-qiqi

  4. Latex fan ” wrote:

    his ebay name is super-qiqi, right?

    I found this suit in another eBay shop, but super-qiqi had one too. These guys are good at copying interesting designs 😉

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