My first ever self-bondage request

From what I remember, I’ve never received any self-bondage requests. Never since I published my first selfbondage experience. Until yesterday. Interesting feelings. I like it. I like it despite I see flaws. I like it despite it’s not a proper selfbondage scenario. I like when someone behind my screen thinks how he or she would like to see me dressed and bound. Oh how he or she would bound and gag me. Exciting!

Also I like the fact that my photo I made almost 10 years ago and published on a photo site was saved and published back! There was no at that time.

You know what? I like feedback 😉

Oh, yeah, this is the scenario.

2 thoughts on “My first ever self-bondage request”

  1. hello it is my first time trying bondage can anyone tell me how to use a belt to self bondage

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