8″ ballet boots to enhance self-bondage sessions

If you are not tightly hogtied or bound to a stationary object by a short rope it’s almost always possible to get on you feet and slowly walk to the keys, knives, scissors or wherever your release is.

The solution is to put on 7-8″ high heel ballet crotch high boots. This is what you can achieve:

  • you will not be able to get on your feet at all
  • you can bound your legs, thighs, knees, ankles and calves much tighter because the boots will protect your skin
  • the rope will not slide off as easily as it would do without boots
  • the boots (unlike ballet shoes) will prevent your ankles from twisting if you decide to try to stand on these heels
  • such heels are a bondage and torture tool by themselves, not everybody can even put them on
  • you will look and feel sexier 😉

5 thoughts on “8″ ballet boots to enhance self-bondage sessions”

  1. Yes, very effective, especially in a self-hogtie when walking is not an option!

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