Men in tights in Scotland

Scottish “The Sun” heard rumors about pantyhose for men “flying off the shelves”. They mention company called “Precious collection“, but according to their website they sell Levee “WoMan tights”. The model who wore the tights on the streets of Glasgow did not say that they are comfortable:

They’re actually not as uncomfortable as I first thought they’d be. I got used to them.

But what do you expect from pantyhose targeted at men (see here)?

The reaction was quite predictable. I would never wear the clothes and shoes the guy was wearing. It’s neither “office” nor “casual” style, rather something very artificial you may see on fashion shows. Unlike my wife I’m not a specialist in clothes and fashion (will ask her what was wrong when she’s back from vacation ). I would change his style or probably chose another guy and try again.

But who knows, he could indeed have started a trend…

The article can be found here. Thanks to AntonK for sharing.

3 thoughts on “Men in tights in Scotland”

  1. I guess that the newspaper was trying to provoke the maximum reaction from passers by, hence the choice of clothing. It would have been a real non-event if they had dressed the guy in skin-tone sheers and normal shorts/shoes etc…

    Mind you, anyone wearing shorts in Scotland this summer would probably have attracted strange looks – it was way too cold and miserable for that!

  2. Absolutely. No sensation, attention or reaction – who will buy “The Sun”? ;-D

    Also, the more sporty look – the less attention. All sportsmen are mental, anyway. And the clothes are expected to catch up with. Lycra t-shirt, bIke shorts and tights or a bike unitard with tights – and you won’t get a second look.

  3. Here’s a comment to the article (the only one!)

    It’s interesting to see that reactions across the ocean are so different.

    I’ve seen guys wearing tights in such way here in Canada.
    Just tried this look myself recently, and all I’ve got has been compliments or positive comments. Perhaps people that don’t like it are too polite to say anything.

    It seems that here in Vancouver we are much better in terms of fashion than in the UK.

    Anybody from Vancouver? Have you ever seen men in tights in person? I haven’t … :-\

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