Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 35. Why are they looking at me?

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Another point. Ever felt that people around consciously or subconsciously do notice your state? They may stare at you, swear at you, move away from you, ask something, look at you with interest, try to bull you, etc? Most often it happens with women. Probably they are more open about their inner feelings or simply more vulnerable then men.

It does not depend on the clothes you are wearing (you may wear the same clothes, but get different reactions), but clothes do affect our feelings and emotions. Especially if it’s something special, erotic, kinky, unusual or inappropriate. Even invisible, like hidden bondage or toys. Nobody sees anything, but you feel them and transmit your energy, modulated with your emotions. You body-language and your “micro-behaviour” may also betray you.

On the other hand, you may attract people tuned to the same wave 😉

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