Watercolours and crayons or fetish and bondage paintings by Nero

An Austrian artist from Wien paints bondage and fetish pictures since he was young (his words). He uses watercolors and crayons. Size of the paper: 41 x 32 cm / 16,54 x 11,81 inches. The paintings are smaller than the size of the paper and are usually about 34 cm / 13,40 inches long.

Currently he sells his works on eBay under name Profondo Nero (signed as “Nero”).

Interested? Anything for your office? Home? Also, such a painting can be a good present.

See 14 pictures below.

4 thoughts on “Watercolours and crayons or fetish and bondage paintings by Nero”

  1. I recognize 4 of these images as scenes from Devonshire Productions movies (a long-closed bondage site and VHS tapes).

  2. This seems to be stolen artwork. I’ve seen lot of this pics as photos in original. Using some paint program to make it water colored or crayon is basic functionality and no own work and leaves bad taste

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