Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 11. We, our fetishes and our partners

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Being free from the inner bondage and being open have several important side effects.

If everybody (or at least your partner, relatives, friends) knows about your “features” (it should not be “all” your fetishes, should it?), you have nothing to hide, you do not have to make up stories about found rubber slips or shiny pantyhose, you do not have to remember what you told and to whom about it, how to order new stuff “in plain brown paper” and how to get it delivered, you do not have to quickly change your clothes should someone unexpectedly return home.

It is really a great feeling. I can openly wear pantyhose and swimsuits with my kids around (see Family, friends, colleagues and fetish moments or Home together), my kids (at least my daughter) know about the internals of my toy boxes (see Self-bondage, fetish and children), my wife and my daughter buy me pantyhose for my birthday, and my wife is happy to help me with self-bondage.

Another result is when you open about your desires, wishes, problems, your partner, your potential partner, your friends, your children become more open about theirs. And this is your chance to either find a partner who will support you or even share your fetishes, or be in time with your help should your kids need it.

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