The adventures of Terri and Jennifer. Chapters 42-47

Chapter 42
Chapter 43
Chapter 44
Chapter 45
Chapter 46
Chapter 47

Chapter 42

The week went by slowly. Finally Thursday, I received a call from a pleasant-sounding women of Japanese descent named Miko. She said that she was the photographer friend of Jennifer’s. I blushed. Here was a women I had never met, calling to set up a bondage shoot with me as the model. Miko sounded very knowledgeable about the subject and we chatted for several minutes. I was very excited and of course did most of the talking, discussing my likes and dislikes. Miko just acknowledged my conversation.

I realized later that after I hung up, I really didn’t know much about her or how she got into the scene. We did agree that since Saturday was my birthday, we would get together Saturday evening. She told me that Jennifer had arranged for Miko and I to use a very nice suite at a large local hotel. We agreed to meet at 6:00 p.m. and she told me to bring with me whatever I wanted to dress up in and all my bondage toys. She also told me to bring a list of positions that I thought I’d like to try. We would work out the rest of the details when we got together. This was going to be quite an evening. We said our goodbyes and hung up. I should mentioned that before Miko hung up, she told me that she would call Friday and tell me which hotel and the room number. She also mentioned that she had other instructions from Jennifer that she would pass on then. Jennifer was always thinking of ways to keep the games interesting. I went home that night so excited that I slept nude in just leather cuffs again, tape gag and a set of thumbcuffs locked on my big toes. The key was in a box on my front porch so I had to get up early to get the key before anyone else awoke.

Friday afternoon, Miko called back and gave me the name of the hotel and the room number. We agreed to meet at 6:00 p.m. She then detailed out a new set of instructions that I was to follow the next evening. Instructions that I was to carry out to the letter or the rest of my birthday present from Jennifer wouldn’t happen. The instructions were quite detailed and I sat down in amazement at the things that I would go though just to get into to the room and start the photo shoot. Since I wanted this present very badly, (or maybe I just wanted to experience bondage at the hands of another women), I promised I’d do as told especially since self-bondage would be part of the fun. Saturday night should prove to be a birthday to remember.

Friday night, I sat at my computer and developed seven different tie ups that I thought I’d like to try and have photographed. These were positions in addition to the detailed instructions Jennifer had left for me getting to the room. As I detailed out each position, I was getting more and more excited. The leather chastity belt locked over my panties prevented me from playing with myself but it was causing my panties to get soaked, a thought I just smiled at. These panties would come in handy tomorrow. The chastity belt had been locked on since early this morning before work. Miko instructed me to use a lock with a blue dot on it. Jennifer had given Miko a set of out special keys before she left. I had left my spare blue key in the drawer of my desk at work. Being at home now, the chastity wasn’t coming off until Miko decided to take it off.

Once I was finished on the computer, I set about gathering the necessary items of clothing that I wanted to be restrained in. Latex, leather, lingerie, heels, and boots were all placed in the suitcase. Of course just plain nudity had been added to the list and that needed no packing. That night I slept with just the chastity still locked on over the panties, getting me ready for Saturday evening.

Chapter 43

Saturday was again a busy day, getting things ready, packing up my clothes, and assembling all my bondage restraints. In all, it took three suitcases to pull it all together. I never realized all the different types of gags I had gathered over the years, not to mention all the rope, straps, different kinds of tape, and a number of sets of handcuffs. My collection of fetish clothing was also very large but I decided to take only a few things. I packed my corset, leather skirt, some lingerie, a set of white girdles and long line bras, my collection of latex outfits including stockings, panties, leotard, a maid’s outfit, and some long latex gloves. I also packed my highest heeled black pumps and a couple of pair of boots, both knee and thigh-high. At 4:30 p.m. I headed out to the hotel.

Following Miko’s instructions, I wore only my set of black thigh-high boots, a pair of black over-the-elbow length leather gloves and of course the black chastity belt and panties. All this was covered up by my long black leather coat. Nothing else was worn. The leather was cool to the touch and since my coat didn’t button up and only used a leather sash to hold the coat shut, my breasts were hanging free. I would have to be careful when I checked in at the hotel.

When I arrived, I checked in with little incident. I did raise a few eyebrows and got lots of stares, but other than that, it was uneventful. While checking in, I was given a pick envelop with my name on it. A bellhop helped me carry my bags up to the room, but I stopped him at the door and told him that I would continue from here. A sizable tip ensure his compliance.

The suite was fantastic, and it appeared that Miko had already been there setting up her equipment. Dozens of lights and strobes, two cameras, and a video camera were setup and ready for use. My excitement was building. The suite was on the 13th floor and overlooked the ocean. There would be no one looking in from across the way.

There appeared to be an adjourning suite but the connecting door was locked. I shrugged and didn’t think any more about it.

I removed my leather coat and walked about the suite dressed only in gloves, boots and chastity belt. I was nervous as this would be only the third person besides Jennifer and her co-worker Robin that has seen me nude and dealing with such things as bondage and dressing for pleasure.

I sat down on the bed and opened the envelope. There was a blue key and note inside from Miko. The note said to use the key to unlock and remove the chastity belt before I tied myself up. I took the key and unlocked the belt. I then removed the panties that I had now worn for the last 36 hours. My sexual aroma was very apparent. I placed the panties in a small plastic bag and placed them in my suitcase for later use.

I set about unpacking my things, setting the restraints carefully on the floor in the corner. Each restraint brought back many interesting times both with myself and when playing with Jennifer. As I pulled out the varied gags, from the suitcase, I couldn’t stop myself from trying each one on, cherishing the feeling of losing my speech by my own hand. I think it’s my oral fixation or something like that. Bondage is never complete without a tight mouth filling gag. Besides the ball gag (my favorite), there were the latex pump gag, strap gag, and my new ring gag, many of which would have their turn keeping me quiet tonight. I had also threw in a large roll of grey duct tape to top off the gags. Stuffing material, like wet panties, combined with lots of tape is a very effective gag and one I use often.

The ring gag was new and very exciting. It was a leather lined two-inch metal ring that had an attached strap and when it was lodged behind my teeth it held my mouth wide open but allowed continue access to my tongue. Jennifer liked this gag very much and would tease my tongue with a variety of objects, not to mention using her own wet tongue several times. Forced gag kissing was always an act that got us going. We bought two of them and when were both bound, the ring gags made for some very exciting gag kissing and tongue play. The last three pieces of bondage gear were my favorites.

My black leather discipline hood, with its two-inch locking collar, was first out of the bag followed by a black leather single glove and a shiny black leather straight jacket that I purchased last year. I had spent many hours in that straight jacket, hooded and hobbled. I think these were some of Jennifer’s favorite pieces of bondage gear to use on me. I always enjoyed the warm embrace of the jacket, and the crotch strap was designed extra wide to ensure that any plugs used would stay firmly inserted. Many weekends, I ended up in one of these three restraints at the hands of Jennifer. I remember one weekend where I was buckled in the straightjacket from Friday night to Sunday night with the only time free was to pee and take a shower Sunday morning, with Jennifer of course, still bound in handcuffs. I had also modified the jacket slightly by installing little zippers over the nipple areas. When my leather covered arms were strapped in the arm sleeves and pulled behind me, instead of in front of me, the zippers could be opened and my nipples teased or erotically tormented at will. Anyway, enough of the past.

Chapter 44

In the center of the room was a sturdy wooden chair with a high narrow back. I smiled. I had seen that chair before. Jennifer and I had bought her kitchen table and chairs together a few years ago and the design of the chair made for some great chair bondage. I knew what was ahead for me and that chair.

Per Miko’s instructions, I was to tie myself to that chair in any fashion I wanted and wait for her to arrive. I was also supposed to use a set of headphones and CD player. To ensure my safety during the self-bondage fun, Miko told me she would call from the lobby about 10 minutes before her arrival and thus allow me the chance to finish the bondage, knowing she was on her way up to the suite, that way I didn’t need to set up an additional safety device. It was now 5:30 p.m. and time for me to begin.

I picked up the bondage toys I had chose for this adventure. The head harness ball gag, leather blindfold, a set of handcuffs, several long pieces of white rope, two wooden clothespins, and my long narrow vibrator, with fresh batteries. I also picked up the roll of duct tape, my headphones and small CD player that I had sat on the coffee table. The wooden clothespins had a small hole drilled on the ends and a string was attached to each hole. These strings would be used later in the final stages of the self-bondage adventure.

I placed all the restraints in a small pile next to the leg of the chair. I picked up the handcuffs and tied a small rope to the center link and the other end of the rope to the crossbar under the seat of the chair. The length of the rope was such that my wrists would be held down toward the seat and not allow much movement. I took a small piece of duct tape and taped the cuffs to the back of the chair. This was done because when I had finished all the self-bondage preparations, I couldn’t reach the handcuffs if they were sitting on the floor. This way, all I have to do is reach behind the chair and the cuffs are already at the correct height.

When this was done, I walked to the door and made sure it was locked and that the chain was not installed. I slowly walked back to the chair, humming with each step. Next to the actual feeling of helplessness, getting ready and setting up for the self-bondage adventure was almost foreplay by itself. I stopped in front of the large mirror hanging over the dresser. There I was, dressed only in boots and gloves ready for an evening of bondage at the hands of another women, about to be photographed as if it was a historical event. My nipples were hard as rocks and I was as wet between the legs as can be. I slowly caressed each nipple. I knew I had to stop this self-masturbation and complete my bondage soon or the mood would be lost. I walked over to the flood lights and turned them on then turned on the VCR camera. I was about the record this event. It would be one of Jennifer’s return home presents. She wanted me to send it to her in Europe when it was complete. I was flattered.

I walked back over to the chair and sat down. It was cool to the touch and brought back memories of the chairs out at Jennifer’s ranch and the many hours of bondage fun. I removed my gloves and placed them across my lap for later retrieval. Having the gloves on makes it harder to set up the bondage. I leaned over and picked up the first long rope and proceeded to tie my left booted ankle to the back leg of the chair. I made sure that the ropes were pulled tight enough and were wrapped over the support piece connecting the front and back legs. When the final cinch was made, my foot was off the carpet about four inches. The stiffness of the boots made for a nice tension in my leg as it was being bent back. The right ankle was next and was secured in the same manner.

With my ankles pulled back and up off the carpet, my legs and knees were effectively spread very wide around the seat of the chair. To enhance this position, I tied each knee to the front legs of the chair thus ensuring I couldn’t close my legs at all. When completed, I felt very vulnerable. The inside of my thighs were very wet.

Another long piece of rope was wrapped several times around my waist and lap just above the boots and secured by passing the rope several times under the seat. This prevented me from lifting myself off the seat.

I picked up the blindfold and ball gag and buckled them loosely around my neck for safe keeping. The earphones were also placed over the edge of the chair, so that they would be within easy reach after I was tied completely to the chair.

I now reached down and picked up the two clothespins with their attached strings, the vibrator, and tore off two long pieces of duct tape. I placed the clothespins on my lap and then proceeded to slowly insert the vibrator a few inches into my already wet pussy. I would be effectively sitting on the vibrator. To prevent the vibrator from slipping out or moving aside, I took the two pieces of duct tape and taped the vibrator to the wooden seat. With the ropes holding my ass tightly to the chair seat and with my knees pulled apart and tied to the sides of the chair, I was open to invasion and the vibrator wasn’t going to slip out. In addition, with the angle that I was sitting, my clit was in direct contact with the hard plastic intruder. I had spent many hours sitting on such a toy at the hands of both Jennifer and myself. It was a great self-torment. This vibrator had two speeds and I deliberately selected the low speed just to tease myself and heighten the sexual feeling. I looked at the clock, five minutes before Miko was to call.

I picked up my last long piece of rope and proceeded to secure my upper torso to the chair. I coiled the rope several times above and below my bare breasts. I made sure the ropes went all the way around and through the slats in the back of the chair. When this was accomplished, I was tied solidly to the chair, and I could not bend over. All that was left was the blindfold, gag, clothespins, earphones and the securing of my, soon to be gloved, wrists.

First the clothespins. With the tight upper chest bondage and the many wraps of rope around my breasts, my tits were pushed up high and were made very firm. The extra pressure on my breasts caused my nipples to become extra sensitive. I slowly caressed each and then attached a wooden clothespin to each nipple, taking care to ensure that only the nipple was being pinched and not the skin behind the nipple. This tended to concentrate the feeling on the just the nipple. My eyes rolled back in my head. I’ll never get used to the first feeling of the clamp or clothespins. The bite was sharp at first and quickly reduced to a dull ache. The clothespins would definitely keep my mind on the bondage, especially since I had placed them at the very end of the nipple. The strings hung down in my lap.

I unbuckled the leather blindfold from around my neck and rebuckled it tightly over my eyes. This blindfold was made of very thin black leather and it molded to my face thus blocking out all light. After the blindfold, came the head harness ball gag. I had chosen to put the blindfold under the straps of the head harness to prevent any possibility of shaking off or removing the blindfold.

The ball was medium size and bright red in color. I licked my lips then quickly inserted the ball until it came to rest neatly behind my teeth. I buckled the strap tightly behind my head under my hair. I then pulled the head straps up over the blindfold, over my head and buckled it to the back strap. Lastly, I buckled the chin strap tightly forcing my mouth closed around the ball. Speech was all but impossible. I loved this feeling each time I did this to myself. Kind of like the cork on the bottom of champagne; full of excitement waiting to explode if shaken. The other nice thing about this ball gag was that I instantly started to drool, something that always added to the humiliation aspect of the bondage.

I carefully threaded the strings of the two clothespins over the gag strap on either side of the ball. I slowly pulled these strings tight causing me to have to lower my head until my chin was resting on my chest. The strings were then tied off. My head was now held in a lowered position by keeping tension on my nipples. If I tried to raise my head, I pulled on my nipples. These were strong clothespins and they didn’t come off easy. I had used this technique several times on Jennifer when I wanted to put her into a submissive position. I would have her kneel, with ankles strapped to thighs, arms locked behind her, gagged with a ball gag and the nipple clamps or clothespins attached to the gag holding her head down. I loved the look, but Jennifer just moaned into her gag. The fun part comes when I tried to tickle her and she tried to lift her head to laugh. She couldn’t and it only served to pull harder on her nipples. She just resigned herself to my great bondage mastery. I do have to admit that I too have used this on myself several times to enhance the self-bondage fun. Trying to roll around on the floor in a hogtie is harder to do when you can’t lift your head.

With the blindfold and gag buckled tightly on and now that my nipples were under the correct tension, I picked up the earphones and fitted one in each ear. I turned on the CD player and tested the volume. I had picked one of my favorite instrumentals to listen to. I adjusted the volume high enough to block out any background noise. With the volume adjusted, I turned off the CD player and waited for the phone call to announce Miko’s arrival.

Chapter 45

As I sat there, I tested my restraints. I smiled behind the ball gag. Many years of experience pays off again. They were secure of course. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I reached down and turned on the vibrator. I jumped as it started but was reminded to keep my head down by the pull on my nipples. Combine the tight bondage, with the nipple fun and now the vibrator, a warm glow started to take over my body starting between my booted legs. My mind also started to wonder. What was Miko like? Did I really want to be seen in this compromising position with a total stranger, let along be photographed? Where did Miko get her bondage vocabulary from? She seemed very knowledgeable when we talked on the phone and she showed no shyness as we spoke of vibrators, ball gags and nipple clips? I was dying to ask those and many other questions.

Finally the phone rang twice, then it rang once. That was the signal we worked out to ensure it was Miko calling and that she was on her way up. She’d be here in ten minutes. I picked up the roll of tape and tore off two small strips. I fastened each over my left and right ear thus holding the earphones in place. I tested the duct tape and was confident that any shaking I did would not dislodge the earphones, and since my head was being held in position by the strings attached to my nipples, I wasn’t going to do much shaking.

I reached down in my lap and pulled the leather gloves on each arm, carefully smoothing the kid leather all the up to near my armpits. I was now at the decisive moment. I took a deep breath, and gently pulled on my clothespins attached to my nipples by lifting my head; yes, this was what I wanted. I turned on the CD player and waited for the music to start. It blocked all incoming noise and isolated me from my surroundings. I quickly reached around behind me and removed the handcuffs from the tape attached to the back of the chair. I locked the first cuff on my left wrist. I waited for the excitement to build, more lifting of the head. I then lifted my right hand up and gave the camera a little wave, a nice touch for my beautiful friend whose details I was trying to follow to the letter. I quickly brought my right arm behind the chair locked on the other cuff. I was done and all alone, bound and gagged by my own hand waiting for some one I had never met before to release me.

I always enjoy this type of sensory deprivation. My movements were restricted to very small turns against the ropes. All speech was blocked. My hearing was impaired to just music and my sight was nothing but blackness. All I had left was feel and that was muted by the leather boots and long leather gloves. My feet were off the ground and I couldn’t feel the coldness of the steel cuffs that I knew were not coming off with the key. Oh yes, I forgot to say that I had placed the key on a gold chain that was now hanging around my neck. Miko would need it to unlock the handcuffs, if she chose to do so.

All in all, there were plenty of emotions to keep me company. The vibrator was doing its job, slowly keeping me on the sexual build up, the clothespins on my nipples kept reminding me how helpless I was and the vulnerability I felt with my legs and knees spread wide only made my excitement grow with each passing minute. The feeling was marvelous. Jennifer and I had played these games often and the wonderful part was that after only a few minutes, minutes started to turn into hours, time seemed to stand still. Had it not been for the instrumental music playing in my ears, time would have went away. I do have a tape of nothing but static or white noise that can really make a woman humble and alone. It’s those adventures I enjoy most because only the sense of feel and smell is left uninhibited. In fact, those get greatly enhanced. My body really becomes very sensitive and it doesn’t take much caressing to send me over the edge.

This initial self-bondage fun was Jennifer’s idea as she knew how much I enjoyed tying myself up. In addition, Jennifer wanted Miko to capture that first moment of bondage discovery on both video and print film to see how well I had followed her instructions and to watch the tight bondage. I could just see Jennifer sitting on the couch in Paris, dressed in lingerie watching this video, slowly smoking a cigarette and caressing herself. I wonder what thoughts would be going through her mind?

Chapter 46

As usual, time started to slow down and I lost track of how long I’d had been tied up. Based on the music, I calculated about 15 minutes but had yet to sense any presence of any one else in the room. I slowly continued to move my body with the beat of the music rubbing my clit against the vibrator. Being on low speed was such a tease as it wasn’t high to get me off but was more of a sexual nuisance.

As my body moved so did my bound breasts and of course the clothespins on my nipples. The pulling on the strings was a constant reminder of my helplessness. I tried moving my arms but the length of the rope attached the cuffs was too short to allow any movement at all. I wasn’t able to reach around and remove the clothespins. This was one of my better self-bondage attempts.

Suddenly, I felt a presence by my side. I strained against my bonds trying to sense who or what was there. The movement only served to cause me to pull harder on my already sore nipples. The music stopped as did the vibrator. I moaned into my gag, cheated out of another orgasm again. I felt the small pieces of tape holding the ear phones against my ears being removed, nothing was said.

The person walked away and then the sound of a camera clicking could be heard. The sound was coming from a variety of directions as the person walked around the chair. Then nothing.

I felt a hand on the back of my neck unbuckling the top head strap of my gag. It was removed from my head thus freeing the blindfold. The blindfold came next. It was slowly removed. I squinted as the bright lights evaded my eyes. I was still gagged with the ball gag, but that was next to come off. When the gag was removed, it was placed in my lap and the tension in my nipples was lessened. I managed to say hi, you must be Miko.

Chapter 47

A beautifully stunning, Japanese women walked around in front of me holding the blindfold. She smiled and nodded. Yes this was Miko.

Miko was about 5’8″ tall with beautiful brown eyes and long black hair pulled back with a blue tie. She was slender with beautiful legs and medium size breasts. She was obviously in great shape. She was wearing a beautiful long sleeve blue silk blouse, with a white scarf neatly tied about her neck. Her skirt was very short and made of black suede. I could see that she was also wearing black seamed stockings and a pair of black shiny patent leather knee high boots with flat heels. She had a beautiful face with just a hint of makeup except for the bright red lip gloss which stood in sharp contrast to her black hair and snow white complexion. Her fingers were long and her nail painted a shiny color of red.

She was beautiful and she was now looking at me sitting still tied very securely to this wooden chair. I was nude with only boots and gloves on. I quickly looked down at the vibrator and blushed. Miko walked over to me and gently lifted my head, and told me not worry, she’d seen this activity before and enjoyed what I was doing. Jennifer had filled her in on all the details. I relaxed. Apparently she was more than just a photographer. It was going to be a great evening.

Miko walked around me inspecting all my bonds asking me questions about how I could do all this by myself. I answered as best I could telling her that I had years of practice. She then asked if I ready to get untied and discuss the evening events. Of course I nodded that I was. She walked over and removed the key from the chain around my neck. I looked up into her face as her eyes stared down at my clamped nipples. She smiled. She then walked behind me and unlocked my wrists from the handcuffs. When my wrists were free, I reached up and slowly removed the clothespins from my nipples. I sucked my breath in. Taking them off was always harder. Miko continued to help me untie myself, commenting on all the detail that I had put into the tie-up. If she hadn’t known better she would have thought someone had done this to me vice me doing it to myself. I again told her I had lots of practice. She nodded and said that she wanted to discuss the self-bondage issue further as the evening wore on. Jennifer had told her of my experiences. Again I blushed. Miko just smiled.

When I was free, I stood and stretched. Miko handed me a beautiful short kimono robe to wear to cover my nearly-nude body. It was a nice touch. I removed the gloves and laid them aside for later use. I still had the boots on. With the height of the heels, Miko and I were about even in height.

I went about the business of picking up all my bondage gear as Miko unpacked the rest of her photo equipment. We chatted about her work as a photographer and our mutual friend in Europe. Miko explained that she had met Jennifer about two years ago when she went for her interview for a new photographer opening. Jennifer saw the portfolio that Miko had brought with her and it included several photos of fetish type clothing and a hint of bondage. Miko was hired right away. It seems that Miko also started in Japan as a fashion model herself then turned to the other side of the camera when she grew tired of being bossed around. She appeared very independent and knew what she wanted. It also seemed that she and Jennifer have spent lots of time together on different shoots and somehow the subject of bondage came up. Miko had seen the different types of Oriental bondage styles and all the different bondage magazines and she was very intrigued. She started to try her hand at using some light restraints in some of her fashion shoots. Suddenly she was quite popular with a very secret crowd of people who were into bondage and wanted to see more of her work. She quickly expanded into a full bondage photographer on her own time and her work also included doing private and custom photo shoots. It was surprising to hear that most of the customers were women. With all this experience, it explained where Miko gained her knowledge from. But I now I wonder how she and Jennifer’s interests in bondage fit into the puzzle. I wonder if Jennifer has ever been in front of her camera. I didn’t ask. Hopefully it would come up in later discussions.

When my gear was put away, we sat together on the couch and shared a bottle of wine. Miko asked if I minded if she smoked while we talked. Certainly, I told her. Miko lit a long white cigarette and slowly blew a long stream toward the ceiling. Obviously she derived great pleasure from smoking, the way she would close her eyes when she inhaled, hold it, then let it out slowly. I quietly sipped my wine, watching her smoke. There was something very erotic about a women who smoked like that. Miko caught my glances and smiled. I returned to my wine. When Miko crossed her legs, I noticed that she was also wearing black garters. She was obviously a women after my own heart who loved lingerie for herself.

The subject finally turned to bondage and the night’s events. We discussed the different bondage positions I wanted to try that evening. I handed her my detailed list that I had drawn up last night. She looked over each scene, asking a few knowledgeable questions about each. I told her that the list was mostly guidelines and that she could use whatever she wanted to enhance the bondage and the photographic quality. Miko smiled shyly. She told me that she would see what she could do to make it an interesting night.

We got up and walked over to where my bondage gear was laid out and I quickly went through the different restraints I wanted her to use. Miko only nodded. Interesting I thought to myself. A lot of the gear was specialized but Miko didn’t ask how it was used. This simple fact again tended to back up bondage experience. She must have learned a lot over these last few years.

We also looked over my array of fetish clothing I had brought for the evening. She seemed to like the latex material quite a bit. She even took the material to her nose to smell the rich latex aroma. She again smiled. She commented on all the stuff I had and was very impressed with the whole lot. Apparently she has done lots of photo shoots where the fetish clothing was the main focus and so she had been exposed to a lot of different types of fashions. It was now time to begin the night’s activities and starting with the second bondage position.

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