Ideal transparent latex dress for fetish fashion and (self)bondage

What: semi-transparent smoky black latex pin-up mini-dress from Westward Bound

Where: the item, Westward Bound shop

Why:You know, I’m a big fan of transparent and semi-transparent latex, but this time this is not the reason.

Unlike many other pin-up dresses, I would say that this dress must be in every fetish wardrobe, whether it belongs to a man or a woman. Just like latex stockings, latex gloves or latex strings you can wear this dress with virtually everything or without anything and you will have a complete outfit.

Armpits are closed, so there will be no awkward places shown (not many people have this are as good looking, as, say a 14yo girl). Chest is also completely covered (same reason as above, and a plus for hairy men ;-). If you want to show off your breast, the semi-transparent latex will perfectly allow you to.

The zip is in the front, so you can unzip it a bit if the collar is too tight, the latex irritate the tender skin when you turn your head, or if you just want a different look.

Then you can add various items to “finalize” the costume. High heels, pantyhose, stockings, accessories, made from lycra, latex, leather – everything will look great together.

And finally about bondage. For example, I doubt that I would wear this dress in public, but it’s perfect for my “internal” fetish goals. If I add gloves, pantyhose and a hood – I will have a total latex encasement, that will not look like a awkward latex underwear as if instead of a dress I would take a latex t-shirt. The same encasement effect can be achieved with a catsuit, but you can’t combine it in so different ways.

However, the bondage can’t be the same as if you had a catsuit on. You can’t use karada or any other one-piece rope harnesses with integrated crotch-rope. You can use the crotch-rope (e.g. to keep the toys in place) but you have to “wear” it underneath the dress.

Any other suitable bondage and self-bondage ideas?

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