Victoria's Secret transparent latex underwear stockings bodyUpdated on 30 Aug, 2010 @ 03:46: Found two more photos.

Posted on Nov 29, 2008 @ 2:23:
Yes, you read that right. Victoria’s Secret came up with undergarment (a sort long-sleeved body with corset and back seamed stockings) made out of transparent printed latex and showed this outfit on the latest fashion show (Spring/Summer or VS Lingerie 2009?)

I could find absolutely no information on their website. Also nothing on Style.Com. No relevant reviews, no relevant photos on the relevant fashion sites. No more photos than the three I’m republishing here. Has latex made another step into the ordinary wardrobe? Has this step been made earlier, so now latex undergarment does not look out of place among the usual (not cheap though) ready-to-wear stuff from not very conceptual and absolutely no avant garde fashion house?

Just a brain dump:

  • I doubt VS produce latex clothes by themselves. However I found no information on the sites of usual suspects (Atsuko Kudo, House of Harlot, etc.)
  • Is it just a show model?
  • Will it be possible to buy this latex set?
  • If yes, where? In normal boutiques/shops?
  • What kind of clothes they propose to wear the latex lingerie with?
  • Look closely – no air bubbles. I wonder how…. (See this post).