Inflatable plug 2

Inflatable dildo - butt-plug

The smallest inflatable plug I could find. Quite uncomfortable if used as a butt-plug. Don’t know why… Probably I overinflated it?

8 thoughts on “Inflatable plug 2”

  1. try; they are a Canadian company. I got a “small” 7″ latex inflatable plug, with a flange from them a while back. I use it to stretch out my wife’s ass, while I bang her pussy, so she ‘s ready for the second round, where I put the medium (9″) inflatable dildo, from the same company, in her pussy, and rail her ass. I recently worked her to the point of getting the medium in her ass. I often use both of them on myself, and they’re both quite satisfying.

  2. Just checked their website; they have a much larger selection now, and their size designations are a bit more realisticthe plug is listed as large now, and the dildo is xl.

  3. It’s a not a question of the size, I can get those monster dildos anywhere. But comfort (or, to be more precise, the lack of it) is a problem.

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