Has anybody got a bigger pantyhose collection?

Have I seen more pantyhose at one place? Sure. In big shops. But private collections…. Hmmm… Can anybody beat it?

TTD, (if you’re around) in terms of sheer amount (not brands, that is), you might still be the winner here.

According to the owner (Facebook), she got most of them from “generous fans and boyfriends” (not something many of us can boast of).

7 thoughts on “Has anybody got a bigger pantyhose collection?”

  1. so many of the same in that collection looks more like it all “fell off a truck” lolololol.

  2. if i had that collection i would see how many pairs i could put on before it either becomes impossible to move or impossible to stretch them enough to get on over the last 😀

  3. You wouldn’t stop at 20-25, would you? Imagine taking them afterwards off, unrolling, putting back into the pack….

    But it could be fun ;-D

  4. I can claim to have a bigger collection than that!
    As a Drag Queen and a lifelong Pantyhose/Lycra fanatic, I have at least 300 pairs in a large 75cm high box plus a 50×30 am plastic box.. And then there’s my laggings and catsuit collection which takes up a similar space, totalling around 150 pairs!!!
    See my website for details of my cabaret shows and plenty of photos in the gallery of me in a variety of my best pantyhose.
    Finally, fellow Pantyhose fanatics can buy pairs of used pantyhose (either freshly washed or not, on request) from me; I am in the process of setting up an Ebay shop. Drop me an email via my website to see what I have on offer.

  5. I think I do actually. Mine’s a little more streamlined and almost no black. Like yours, mostly wolford. I have 3 pairs of fatal neon white in large =-0 …as well as other rare epic ones. I’m trying to find a place for collectors to connect just for talking logistics and info. I already masted / know where to find all the porn / kink stuff. I want someone to talk about what colors they have or know can be found. I’ll share pics later.

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