My first access to the Internet I got in the early nineties. Very slow, very unreliable and only in the office. As for many it was a revelation:”Hey! I’m not the only one who loves to wear pantyhose!”, “Hey, I’m not the only one who loves to be tied up!”, “Hey! I’m not the only one who loves bondage while wearing pantyhose, swimsuits, etc!”. Familiar, isn’t it?

I was spending hours a (business) day searching for various fetish and bondage materials on the Internet. ASCII mail lists, USENET groups, FTP servers – I was thoroughly checking almost everything (except FIDO). I could not part with some images and after everybody had disappeared I would print out dozens of pics and stories on a black&white laser printer. I still have several kilos of old printouts, I simply can’t throw them away! They became part of my life. They remind me of the time (hey! almost 20 years ago), of the excitement, of the wishes (I only started collecting fetish and bondage stuff)… And Hey! I was 20 years younger! ;-P

See 20 photos by Sean Harper below.