Fashion, Bondage and Latex. Marios Schwab

marios_schwab-2009-spring-03 - karadaLet’s start with latex. If you look at the article (from Kulturspiegel 12/2007, since you all speak German I will not translate it ;-> ) the comment below the photo says: Winter collection 2007/2008. I have checked the official press releases on and Vogue – no hint of latex at all. Something is wrong somewhere.

Then to the bondage. Karadas and Kikkous are popular and in fashion. Check, for example, photos of Eva Herzigova. No wonder, rope art looks good everywhere: on the wall, on a naked body, under and over the clothes, on a cardboard box (to keep it closed). Rope is so natural, so it can be used virtually everywhere as a decorative element or a barely noticed functional part of… Especially with matching clothes. Got the idea? No? See this post.

Thanks to Mahret.

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