Single-glove and arm-binder art. Part V

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Among various armbinders this set features some “open hand” single-gloves.

I’ve never tried such type of monogloves, but according to my experience with standard tightly-closed-end design and my favourite lycra shorts/pantyhose single-glove self-bondage technique, since you are able to move your hands and fingers, the blood circulation will be less affected, and the arms will fall asleep much later (if at all).

20 pictures below. Also check Single-glove (monoglove), armbinder art forum thread.

One thought on “Single-glove and arm-binder art. Part V”

  1. Nothing gives more pleasure and excitment than feeling that you really succeed in self bondage session and you find completely helpless: absolutely silenced and tightly bound. And I am crazy as hell when I feel all covered by so tight woman clothes like thong panties, pantyhose and high heel boots!

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