Chinese latex manufacturers. Demotivators of the day

First of all, I’d like to compliment China on their economic success. They do everything. They can everything. And the quality can be breathtaking. But …

1. …. it all depends on how much you finally pay.
2. …. they are breathtakingly good at copying.

Why do we so readily go to eBay and buy Chinese copies? Because they cost a fraction of what Simon O, House of Harlot, Atsuko Kudo, Demask, etc ask.

And why are the prices are so low? More reasons:

  1. Low salaries, etc. We all know these reasons. That’s why we lose jobs in EU and US 😉
  2. Mass production
  3. Cheap materials
  4. Bad quality
  5. No R&D

If you want the lowest price, expect all 5. If the quality and materials are top notch, then the 1st parameter also will be higher, but the resulting price will still be lower than, for example, in the EU.

We calculated the absolute minimum price here: I want a simple latex t-shirt (see the comment section). Only the 4D latex counts. No labour costs. You see? Still high.

But what am I actually complaining about? OK, here’s a short list:

  1. I want a bigger salary or to win a JackPot in a lottery
  2. If I were a designer, I’d wanted my copyrights, etc (but I’m not)
  3. Please, make your OWN photos!!!!!

The 3d item is the simplest and most fair. And this is the reason for this post (copied from Facebook):

See Doggy suit and transparent latex article.

Raper Ltx: I am little bit confused, I learned it is developed by China. Photos are coming from HW Design Austria, and Ebay offers the copy as usually. We tried the china dresses, but with very bad result. Link to original

Like Ra: Aha, this is where all the photos come from… Speaking of China.. Just curious if all the latex stuff is manufactured in one place, or there are indeed some good quality factories over there.

Raper Ltx: I have the feeling all china latex is manufactured by one producer and many china resellers are forwarding goods to Europe and USA. Why? Because we tested directly developer and one reseller and we got the same package, same no good quality. It looks developer has worse delivery behaviour, because he have to fulfil request of resellers in china which are making higher pressure to him.

Raper Ltx: I am sure u will not get what is in the picture, u will get something similar, what does not look so nice like this photo.

Like Ra: Unfortunately I notice the same even for well-known and very high quality pantyhose companies, like Wolford, Oroblu, etc. Even if the quality is excellent, the result is far from depicted on the pack. The photos are usually much more interesting.

Like Ra: Have you ordered anything from fetish-live directly? Is the quality much better than the Chinese one?

Raper Ltx: No from fetish live nothing, there are another companies to which I made the order.

Oh, yes, and this is the picture by Lady Arrakis:

3 thoughts on “Chinese latex manufacturers. Demotivators of the day”

  1. Speaking of quality. There is a subconscious ratio called money/expectation. If you pay big money you expect a nearly perfect product.

    This is comment about Syren (aka Stockroom)

    I had a really bad experience with them a few years ago, I placed a large order of pieces for my b-day, only for them to come to me with pen marks, glue stains and inconsistent sizing. I promptly contacted them after I received the pieces, they where quick to help me get the pieces back, but the quality in which I received them was so insane for the price I was paying. The second set was not much better, but I learned my lesson and never buying from them again.

    Probably that’s why they sued Abigail Greydanus – the master who brought the glory to the company and then left.

  2. The latex quality from china is good, if you order custom size and latex thickness of at least 0.80 you the quality you looking for. Ive done this cause once i bought the standard one and that was crap and didn’t fit then i knew why reorderd it and perfect.

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