Shiny Speedo S2000. A dream, just a dream…

I’ve never owned a Speedo s2000 swimsuit, but I hope it’s awful. I think the seams are itchy and scratchy, it’s not elastic and it fits horrible, the coating will peel off in a couple of days. It’s not even shiny when not wet. It looks like a cheap PVC leotard made by exploited kids in a poor village somewhere in the Far East. See the 16 photos below. Disgusting…. Especially in combination with latex stockings.

Actually, Speedo S2000 never existed. It’s a myth. All the photos were heavily Photoshopped. Have a look at eBay. See? Ridiculous…

Ohhhhh….. I want this suit sooo badly…….

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14 thoughts on “Shiny Speedo S2000. A dream, just a dream…”

  1. LOL I feel what you’re feeling. So amazing just easy to achieve.

    Great photos btw, even if they are just photos…

  2. Probably s2000 feels indeed not that great as it looks, who knows….

    Another interesting thing is why manufacturers stop making stuff with very high fetish value. E.g. Speedo S2000, Mizuno S2000-like water-polo swimsuit, Wolford Fatal Neon (they do produce Fatal and Neon, but not Fatal Neon), LeBourget and Chantalle Thomas satin opaque pantyhose with back seam (Wolford Satin Deluxe-like but 3-4 times cheaper), Albert Heijn (a Dutch supermarket) Matglanz super shiny sheer to waist transparent pantyhose, etc…

  3. “Actually, Speedo S2000 never existed. It’s a myth. All the photos were heavily Photoshopped.”

    I think you have the facts wrong there it did exist but all of the original suits are now probably in a bin, and no chance of speedo making anything else like it as racing swimuits are not allowed to repel water anymore due to the jaked swimsuit

  4. Chris ” wrote:

    it did exist

    Of course it did not. Have you seen it in person? 😉

    You could say that Wolford Fatal Neon also did not exist, and I will object because I have an unopened Fatal Neon pantyhose in my drawer ;-P

    Chris ” wrote:

    racing swimuits are not allowed to repel water anymore

    I wonder what happened with the technology. I the suits are popular and look fantastic, why not to use the same coating for “non-professional” conventional swimsuits? Too expensive?

  5. Chris ” wrote:

    Check this

    And they ship internationally. Let’s dig deeper… Haven’t found water-polo swimsuits yet on their site.


  6. I was going to post a link but it’s UTF-8 so it just won’t work.

    just search for “realise” and check the models, and you can get them to Germany 😉 via, believe me…

  7. I wonder how it fits and for how long the coating will last:

    Product Specifications
    Table 100% polyurethane backing 100% Nylon
    Domestic production back zipper design
    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ★ Sawa Hikaru rubberized elastic material
    Original fabric is to realize its own glossy-coated surface of the rubber material.

  8. Yes, ordered 3 suits from them, two lycra one rubberized (Lack) they all are nicely done, coating is pretty similar to Lack/patent just not as shiny.

  9. As an owner of a black, zip backed, s2000 in a size “S JASPO” (JASPO?), I’ll have to disagree with the whole myth part. However, I do agree that it is a horrible, HORRIBLE, piece of sportswear.

    The s2000 is so horrible that I find myself putting it on just to remind myself of how horrible it really is.
    Each and every time I struggle to do up that zip, I’m reminded of how horribly unhelpful the slippy coating is.
    Each and every time I manage to get the zip to the top, I remember how unforgiving the barely stretchable material is.
    Each and every time my body is moulded to conform to the demonic swimsuit’s grasp, I recall how I’ve previously felt it should say XXXS on the label, not S.

    However, each and every time I’m forced to succumb to it’s faults, I find myself curling my toes as I desperately try to control myself within it, and I instantly recognise why I’m such a glutton for punishment. *grin*

    They aren’t easy to find, nor are they cheap, but they ARE out there. 🙂

    Thanks for the link Chris, looks like some really nice products. I’ll have to get myself some I think.


  10. kinkymcr ” wrote:

    if you like this swim suit you may like

    Fully chlorinated. This is good. But you can buy various latex swimsuits virtually everywhere. Speedo S2000 is something completely different.

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