I want a simple latex t-shirt

latex t-shirtI’m looking for a simple latex t-shirt I can wear with, say, jeans (or shorts with pantyhose ;-P ) It turned out to be a non-trivial task. Most famous latex stores either do not make them, or I do not like the design (e.g. V-neck or polo), or they are plain ridiculously expensive and supposed to have various options (like several colours) I do not want.

Even on eBay I found only one shop (click here) that makes simple t-shirts (like on the photo).

The ideal t-shirt should be chlorinated, have a matt surface (looks usual and is matt-stain-proof) and costs no more than 30€.

Is it something completely unreal?

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  1. It shouldn’t be so unreal, but it might be. Good luck though!

    I wonder, how long it would take to put on such a t-shirt.

    By the way, I wonder if there are several types of latex. Some garments have a smell that I dislike, others are fine. It seems that thicker latex with a shiny surface is the worst.

  2. Strappado wrote:

    I wonder, how long it would take to put on such a t-shirt.

    Actually, I already have a latex t-shirt with long sleeves made out of thin shiny latex. The smell is fantastic 😉 Speaking of putting it on – there is no problem if it’s properly lubricated. It takes no more than a couple of minutes. If it’s not… Hmmm… You can’t put in on at all.

    The problem is taking the t-shirt off.

  3. Strappado wrote:

    I wonder, how long it would take to put on such a t-shirt.

    Generally, it’s much easier to deal with chlorinated latex. I have a pair of opera-length gloves – if your skin is dry, no lubricant is needed.

  4. This is realistic, but you will probably have to glue it yourself (not too hard for basics such as t-shirts). 1m² of 0.35mm sheet latex costs about 20€ (10€ if you feel like buying 10 running meters), and is definitely enough for a t-shirt, at least for my size (ie. somewhere between M and S). Add the price of the glue and labor cost, and your t-shirt costs at least 30€, with no profit margin left. So it’s only worth it if you’re making it for yourself (which is what I do).

    You could of course also try molded latex, unless you care about quality.

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