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Realise Swimsuits - long-term review
Hooray, got my eBay: Realise Swimsuit today and it fits! I am 1,83m tall and right below 80 kgs, and I ordered size LL. Perhaps 3L would have been better, this suit is very tight. On the other hand, I am wearing it for about an hour now, and don't feel like taking it off yet. Actually, the front seams of the arm openings are biting a bit. Apart from this, the suit is completely wrinkle free when worn. And the crotch is definitely wide enough for a man!

I put this thread under "PVC" because the suit is made from PU (polyurethane), which is basically PVC - and nylon for the inside layer. The nylon feels close to lycra, the PU is a bit like rubber, but harder. Somewhere between the 70s thin rainjackets and very thin rubber.

It took me 5 minutes to put the suit on. First of all, I was careful, you never know, how strong seams are, before you put them under stress. Then I had to struggle with the back zipper. Until closed, the zipper creates a V (fully open) to Y (partially closed) line and it needs some stretching to close it. Though I am quite used to close back zippers, I could not do this with bare hands. So I attached a key ring and string. Even then, I had to grab the upper ends of the zipper lines and pull them together. It takes a while until the suit arranges itself around the torso, perhaps one should do some exercises to speed this up. Anyway, every single move is rewarding, all ends up in the crotch 😁

Well, I paid almost 170 Euros, this is a lot of money for me. However, I do not regret it, this suit is very very sexy (and I promised, that I won't ever use this word in a wrong way). When my wallet has swallowed this heavy blow, I might order another one, but then size 3L and perhaps in white. My suit is black with silver borders.

Well, there isn't much more to say right now. The seller did a good job, I got the suit within a week's time, very good customs documentation attached to the outside of the envelope (helps a lot for German customs procedures). The seams look very strong, very special stitching, and that is, what I will watch during the next few months. If anything breaks, makes ugly noises or makes me unhappy in any way, I will report that here. As long as everything is fine, I will try to say so once in a while. Now I am going to take a photograph for evidence.


PS: I noticed, that there are two sizes "LL" and "3L": Japanese 3L is European LL. Taking into account that Japanese people are somewhat smaller than European, I suppose, that I got the European size LL, which then must be the largest size available.

PPS: In the blog, someone said, that PU doesn't stretch. I think, this is wrong. I checked the suit, it stretches in both directions, a little more to the sides. And most probably, the stretchability depends on the carrier fabric much more than on the PU coating. But of course, latex or lycra can stretch much more.
The original post just in case: 😉
(19 May 2012, 18:47 )Like Ra Wrote: The original post just in case: 😉

Thanks, this should actually be linked back and forth 😉

By the way, if you are about my size, don't try any smaller than LL, which most probably is the European largest size, my suit has "3L" written inside. If L (jap LL) is any shorter, it would be uncomfortable at crotch and shoulders.
Yeah, was just about to ask you abut the size. I'm 175cm/79kg. But I would count on ~75-76.My weight jumped from 75 to 80 within 2 weeks of intensive training. Not sure what it is water or muscles. The good thing is that the swimsuit size can be at least one size wrong (I can fit into a kids swimsuit - 156cm), because the suit is sleeveless (I have wide shoulders).

Here's the post to compare sizes:
I agree, size is important. So here the measurements of my swimsuit:

It is the Realise Hydrasuit N-009, size 3L

Waist width 33 cm / 45 cm (39%)
Chest width right under the arm holes 39 cm / 55 cm (41)
Overall length 66 cm / 79 cm (20)
Armholes to crotch 60 cm
Armhole circumference 48 cm
Shoulder part width overall 45 cm
Individual shoulder part 4.5 cm
Crotch width 8 cm / 13 cm (62)

In vertical direction, the front should stretch a bit more than the back, because there is no zipper.

First number is unstretched, second number is stretched. Number in brackets is the stretch from the original value). It might be possible to stretch more. Stretching is easy for some distance, but suddenly you need a lot more power, that is where I stopped and measured. I think, the high stretch in the crotch comes from the small amount of material, it can be stretched easier. Vertical stretch seems to be about half of the horizontal stretch. I did not measure the leg holes, because they should be large enough for any legs.

I made a picture to show, where I measured.


I also took some of these measurements while wearing the suit - in brackets the original numbers, unstretched and stretched:

Waist 43.5 cm (33 / 45)
Chest 47.5 cm (39 / 55)
Overall length 70 cm (66 / 79)

As for the comfortability: No trouble with width at all. The length would be fine too, except, that the reinforced seams at the arm holes, shoulders and crotch are pushing a bit. So, the length matters most.
Aha, so your suit is 3L, not 2L, as I thought.

This is the official sizing:

Size   S           M           L           LL          3L
Bust  77-81cm     79-84cm     82-99cm     86-93cm     89-95cm
Hip   85-89cm     87-92cm     90-96cm     92-98cm     94-100cm

Nothing about waist. Looks like my size is LL.
Some excerpts from Ayus web-site:

Quote:The suits seem to be stitched together okay even if the material is a bit flimsy and unfortunately the sizes are very small. Even though I ordered the "LL" and that is 92-98cm in the hip it wouldn't fit me or my girlfriend (who is much slimmer than me)

Quote:The Realise suits are a much lighter-weight fabric than the discontinued shiny PVC Japanese Speedo S2000 suits that many might assume they mimic. While a PVC Speedo S2000 weighs around 130g, a shiny PVC Realise suit is barely half that at 70g and the fabric feels noticeable thinner between the fingers. However, the fabric does seem quite strong, and the suits are well stitched.

The largest size Realise suit is LL and fits somewhat tighter than a Japanese PVC Speedo S2000 in size O (the largest size offered). A size O PVC Speedo S2000, which is advertised for 87-91cm chest, 95-99cm hip (about 34-36 inch chest, 37-39 inch hip), fits more like a Speedo lycra suit in UK/US size 34 than a lycra size 36, so my advice to anyone interested in a Realise suit is don't buy anything smaller than a size LL unless you can squeeze into a Speedo lycra suit smaller than a UK/US 32.

Quote:I note that the Realise size charts on the Rakuten site now go up to 3L, with a size 3L suggested to be suitable for bust 89 to 96cm, hip 94 to 100cm, or about an inch larger than the bust and hip ranges for size LL. If anyone gets themselves a 3L suit please let us all know how it fits.

Quote:Japan swimwear are not cut in the same way as US or EU swimwear. Japanese sizing is more or less standarized. Check Japan Arena/Speedo/Asics size charts for actual values of S, M, L, O (LL), XO (3L). (O and XO are for the same "height". Just a little larger)

Swimwear sizing for competitive swimsuit is "tighter" than the one for regular swimsuit. Whatever US/EU or japanese swimsuit. When getting a competitive swimsuit, you usualy have to take 1 size larger than when you take a regular swimsuit.

Realize swimsuit are sized like competitive swimsuits. That mean that a LL(or O), will be very tight for that size and will "feel" like a L size. Also, check the elasticity of the swimsuit : Some Realize suits use material that will stretch very little. So their size is really their maximal size and wont fit on someone larger.

No, the suit mentioned in the first post doesnt use the same material as the S2000. Realize never claimed that it does. (That material isnt produced anymore. If you want a suit using the same material as the S2000, it still possible to find one from Mizuno. (Be warned that its a material that doesnt stretch at all. A XO sized suit will fit even smaller than a 3L Realize suit or XO competitive suit just because it doesnt strecth at all)
Repeating myself: My suit is labelled "3L", and that corresponds to European size "LL". There is no Realise suit that matches size "3L" to European standards.
(20 May 2012, 16:29 )Strappado Wrote: My suit is labelled "3L", and that corresponds to European size "LL".
Ah, OK, got it, finally 😉
I took a shower in the suit a few days ago. When wet, it is more comfortable. Perhaps it expands a bit when it is soaked, perhaps it can move a bit more freely over the skin. Once dried, it was just like before the shower again.

By the way, this suit can enhance the flexibility of your shoulders, if you try to close the zipper without string or other helpers 😉.

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