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Pharfaite swimsuits
I've just discovered another Japanese Realise/Leohex-like swimsuit brand - Pharpfaite. They weer available on eBay, Ali and Amazon (but not right now).
This is what they look like:

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 pharfaite_swimsuit-11-black.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-10-black.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-09-black.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-08-cyan.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-07-cyan.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-06-blue.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-05-blue.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-04-black.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-12-blue.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-13-violet.jpg   
Dark red version. Look at the design - as if the girl is wearing bikini underneath (on Ali-photos girls are indeed wearing bikini)

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 pharfaite_swimsuit-14-dark_red.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-15-dark_red.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-16-dark_red.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-17-dark_red.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-18-dark_red.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-19-dark_red.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-20-dark_red.jpg   
(13 Sep 2020, 01:39 )Like Ra Wrote: Dark red version. Look at the design - as if the girl is wearing bikini underneath (on Ali-photos girls are indeed wearing bikini)

It has an idea, which is not so common with stuff from Asia. These looks great:
From the looks of the stitching, the swimsuit and bikini are one.
Zoom to where the so called bikini strap meets the swimsuit. You can see the stitches holding the two together.

That is whit I’m seeing.
Try an Aliexpress search for "drozeno", I have a couple of pieces and they are great.
Like a video I made? Take a look at my other videos here:

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(14 Sep 2020, 19:06 )Anne Wrote: Try an Aliexpress search for "drozeno"
That's Leohex:
The ones with straps certainly have that "futuristic" look to them that walk the line between utility and cosmetic. Some of the (roughly translated) descriptions saying things like "creates a vacuum like effect against the skin when wet" certainly has my, erm, attention.

The Japanese continue to impress with their technology. I just wish we could buy some of it in more western sizes.
Swimsuit reveal!

 pharfaite_swimsuit-22-blue.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-23-blue.jpg     pharfaite_swimsuit-24-blue.jpg   
Shiny and purple

shiny_pharfaite_swimsuit-01.mp4 (Size: 1.76 MB )

From what I read about Pharfaite swimsuits is that the idea behind the "top straps" is about breast accentuating. Very disputable and definitely uncomfortable.

Though I do see an advantage of the "bottom straps" - to prevent "the jamming".

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