Butt-plugs, rope harnesses and kids swimsuits. Part I

After all these posts yesterday I wanted to spice my evening&night and bit and opted for latex briefs with open cock pouch, a butt-plug, nur Die “Transparent” pantyhose and a swimsuit to keep it all together. I rummaged in the drawer and produced my black tight swimsuit I bought for 6 euro.

However, I could barely pull it on. “I must’ve increased in size since last summer”, I told to myself, put on another swimsuit (a water-polo one) and went to bed.

But after a couple of hours I woke up to discover strange sensations… The swimsuit was so tight so the latex painfully cut into my my private parts, and the butt-plug was shoved in just like by an overly tight rope harness.

And then it came to my mind what was written on that swimsuit: Speedo “Endurance” – my daughter’s swimsuit.

To make the long story short, after a couple of hours I pulled the suit off and stopped the torture. But today out of the curiosity I compared the sizes:

My size

My water-polo


My daughter’s


Chest 98 85 80
Waist 78 65 60
Hips 96 90 85
DE size 38 36
IT size 48-50 44 42

So, you got the idea. If you need to keep your butt-plug in place, but do not want to use ropes, buy a kids swimsuit. They are quite cheap.

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