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Men in swimsuits and leotards (photos)
As the subject says.
Levante BodySlip Maglia + Levante Gaudi 50den (Londra)

Thanks to Den and his camera-phone!

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great leotard with tights
A man in a leotard, pantyhose and leggings in public:

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A few sites that might be of interest:
The leotard and tights fetish seems popular in Japan. I can demonstrate with some pictures I've collected over the years. I'll start with some where the guy is trying to look femme and go on to some more androgynous ones. The first are from a long dead website called BodyDressingYuka.

Yuka in his aerobics class:


his dance lesson
and doing rhythmic gymnastics.
In swimsuits
and as a race queen.
Here's another guy, Asuka, who's into shibari:

More to follow...
Here's some more femme Japanese guys before I go on to post some less girlie ones.

This guy seems to be some sort of super heroine:
. . .
Here he is again but in white, it's a pity he doesn't wear shiny tan sheers under his fishnets in these.
. . .

Some more wannabe rhythmic gymnasts:
. . .

This guy likes colours:
. . .

and some odds and ends to finish the post.
. . .

As I wrote, I'll post some less girlie ones next time.
(19 Sep 2009, 11:56 )culmor Wrote: Here's another guy, Asuka, who's into shibari:

Is it a MAN???? Unbelievable....

Many thanks for the links and photos!!!
(19 Sep 2009, 14:19 )culmor Wrote: Here's some more femme Japanese guys before I go on to post some less girlie ones.

This guy seems to be some sort of super heroine:
Fantastic swimsuit! I want one!
Eh, disbeliever! Here are the websites for those two guys, You don't need to be able to read Japanese, I used Babelfish, which is v poor but good enough...

Yumi's Refuge
Yumi's Refuge

'Tie me with a rope'
nawayoi - Tie me with a rope

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