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Latex on eBay - interesting finds
Please post here your interesting eBay finds related to latex. Attached pictures would definitely help.

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Just found these high-waisted transparent latex leggings: Search eBay FR: COLLANT LATEX taille haute
Shop: Agorafolies

high-waisted_transparent_latex_leggings-01.jpg thumbnail   

Looks interesting.
Just quickly bookmarking: Search Latex Catsuit Total Enclosure Chlorinated!

From store: FutureFetish-Latex-and-Rubber

It's worth a separate blog post...

latex-zentai-condom-suit-01.jpg thumbnail   
Latex swimsuit/leotard with suspenders. Used to be my dream ~20 years ago. Actually, no, I could not even dream about latex, I think it was lycra.

Anyway, found in store: 1st-latex-catsuit

And this is the suit: Search latex Leotard Supporters Catsuit

latex-swimsuit-suspenders-01.jpg thumbnail    latex-swimsuit-suspenders-02.jpg thumbnail   
This transparent latex swimsuit (Search eBay DE: Latex Body ouvert transparent kunzmann from DE Store: kunzmann-gmbh) is quite close to what I would like to have:

transparent-latex-swimsuit-01.jpg thumbnail    transparent-latex-swimsuit-02.jpg thumbnail   

- very transparent latex
- closed back
- water-polo style
- turtle neck

But also some drawbacks:

o- two big holes in the front (I was never a tits-through-a-hole lover ;-)
o- black zip all the way up, down and up again (a small invisible zip at the back or front would be enough).
And another interesting "construction": a latex mini-dress with suspenders

Search suspender dress fetish latex various colours

from store: Westward-Bound-Shop )

westwardbound-19-latex-dress-suspenders.jpg thumbnail    westwardbound-20-latex-dress-suspenders.jpg thumbnail   

I woner if you can sit in such a dress with plugged-in ... errrmm.. attached stockings. My wife has some doubts...
And another leotard from store: Westward-Bound-Shop

Search latex Straight Jacket leotard body

westwardbound-06-transparent-latex-bondage-leotard.jpg thumbnail    westwardbound-21-transparent-latex-bondage-leotard.jpg thumbnail   

I like the transparent latex, but I'm not sure if it's possible to get in and out alone (considering the encased-hands design). It looks like a combination of a leotard and pantyhose on arms.
This latex mini-dress with long sleeves and a hood can be a good party outfit.

Search eBay DE: latex Gummijacke mit Kapuze original Latexa

DE Store: prolatex-shop

red-latex-dress-with-hood-01-susan-wayland.jpg thumbnail    red-latex-dress-with-hood-02-susan-wayland.jpg thumbnail   

The seller claims that the manufacturer is Latexa. The model is definitely Susan Wayland.
Found this one by accident:

transparent-latex-zentai-01.jpg thumbnail   

Search latex catsuit manacle zentai store: latexfancydress

Looks stunning and price is very good, but as for the quality.... Huh