Purple latex. Part II Sveta’s World of Latex eBay shop

See Part I

Interesting, most “show-case” photos in Sveta’s latex shop are made in three basic colours: black, transparent black and purple with unusually high amount of purple and transparent black. Personally I found these colours among the most “good looking” latex colours (plus pearl shiny pewter, green and royal blue. Yes, black is a bit boring, but still standard). Apparently we think alike 😉

The first photo I stumbled upon was the long transparent purple latex dress with long sleeves. Such dresses really fascinate me (I physically imagine how tightly the elastic latex would pull against my knees and shins with every step) but I still can’t decide if I “need” one. To be honest I can’t imagine any good sessions in a long dress and I have nowhere to go in it. Any ideas?

BTW, they have lots of latex clothes of various designs and with various options. The prices are not low but below the average. Very positive feedback. I wonder where it’s all made. Any experience?

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