Stumbled upon on eBay. Transparent blue latex leotard and stockings

blue transparent latex leotard stockingsWhat: latex leotard/body suit with long sleeves and matching stockings.
0.45mm latex. 3-way back zip. You can choose: colour, size (Chest, Waist, Hips, Height, Weight).

Where: the item, the shop Latex Glamour Kitten

Why: same reasons as before. I love blue colour, I love transparent latex, I love leotards and I love stockings. Whenever I see (transparent) blue latex I can’t stay indifferent, let’s phrase it this way. Or better, I’m a transparent royal blue latex maniac. Mmm… and transparent skin coloured latex maniac too. And…, OK, enough for now.

Currently I have shorts and condom hood made out transparent blue latex, latex pantyhose with piss condom (almost destroyed during this session) and leotard with long sleeves (did not have time to try it on! shame, I know….) in royal blue.

This eBay shop offers lots of other stuff (including corsets, uniforms and costumes). I’ve uploaded some photos of what I find interesting.

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