Want the latex Rubbermaid’s suit invented by Masakazu Shimizu?

Rubbermaid in a latex suit on the streetThe fans of Masakazu Shimizu may remember the drawing on the left. Though The Rubbermaid mentioned people’s reaction “checking on her up and down” and that she was drenched in sweat during a hot autumn day, the most unusual thing is that this shop makes her outfit.

See below:

And before you ask, yes, the suit can be customized. I would say that built-in socks is a must here.

5 thoughts on “Want the latex Rubbermaid’s suit invented by Masakazu Shimizu?”

  1. Quote “Unlike some other sellers, we don’t use pictures from other designers or websites.”

    Odd that they have their brand name printed across a copy of Rick F. van Koert’s CGI of Deanna Troi as Borg then…

  2. That’s too bad. I wanted to see some hentai inspired fetish outfits other than the usual french maid.

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