See Part I and Part II

What can be added (or improved) to the designs from the previous part? Have a look at the inflatable suits in this eBay shop.

Built-in hoods with built-in (or added under) gags always turn me on. You can’t remove the gag and or the blindfolds without removing the suit first. And the seal between the hood and the suit is hermetical. No skin visible, no leak possible. Wear a collar or neck corset to enhance this effect ;-)

Built-in leggings or tights will prevent sticking your hands/arms out through the leg openings even if you escaped the “strait-jacket position”. Or better add a waist belt to completely immobilize the arms (see Part II).

But I would like to concentrate on how to inflate/deflate the suits while playing alone. This is what Lars from Sadomechanix (make sure you have visited the site!) sent me:

You’d like to have (an) idea(s) for deflating the “Tight sleeveless leotards”, and here they come:

For all these ideas you’ll need to get a Y or T connector, for the hose between the pump and the suit.

1/ Glue the connector into place (or mount it in another way to make it stay put), but make sure that you can dis-connect the ‘other’ piece of tube.
Mount a hose-connector at the (far) end of the ‘extra’ tube.
Put the tube (and the connector, which serves as ‘knob’) into a suitable container, with water inside it.
Suck some water into the tube.
Freeze the contraption – the resulting ‘icecube’ will supply an ice-lock, which can be connected to the T or Y.
Having connected the ice-air-lock, you can blow up the suit, in the usual manner, but you’ll have to wait for the ice to melt, before you’re able to get free.
(The obvious point is, that when the ice melt, it will – eventually – return to it’s liquid state, which will terminate it’s ‘blocking effect’ on the hose – which will allow the suit to deflate).

2/ Glue the connector into place (or mount it in another way to make it stay put), and make sure that you can NOT dis-connect the ‘other’ piece of tube.
Grind away the threading on an eye-bolt, to get a ‘plug’ (fitting tightly inside the hose), with a ring at the end.
Plug the ‘extra tube’ with the ring-plug.
Make sure that the plug will be removed, at some place in time, i.e. by tying a string to it, which carry a sufficient weight, which will drop, when released by the ice lock.
OR Tie the other end of the string to something stable, and make sure, that the string is so long, that you’ll need to walk into the garden, to tighten the string – and pull the plug out of the hose.

3/ Glue the connector into place (or mount it in another way to make it stay put), but make sure that you can disconnect the ‘other’ piece of tube.
(if need be, roll up the ‘extra’ piece of tube)
Fill the tube with water.
Freeze the tube.
I guess that he longer the tube, the longer the wait.

These are what I can come up with so far, if you’ve got more questions, you’re always welcome ;)

Anither question is what additional restricting effect the air pressure will have? Will inflating make escape impossible?

Any ideas? Suggestions? ;-)