Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
Like Ra's Naughty Playground

vac-u-lock toy
Rough Beast 23.5cm Silicone Dildo 18cm Insertable Long Realistic Penis 4cm Diameter for Vac-u-lock Sex Machine Love Machine Toys

pvc stockings
Women PVC Leather Wet-look Stockings Horse Oil Sexy Lingerie Thigh High Elastic Latex Stockings Pole Dance Cosplay Costumes

Customize cosplay crossdress second skin body suit with With Cleavage Line Breast Form B-F Cup kigurumi zentai suit

latex bondage
Bondage Sexy Latex Lingerie, Erotic Dress, Exotic Club Clothes, Sex Clothes, Underwear Suits, Plus Size, S-XXL

DROZENO Men's Shorts Tight Solid color mid-waist stretch tight plastic breathable men's fitness shorts

leather hood bondage
Man's lips Urinal Plug Gags leather Bondage Head Harness BDSM Toilet Funnel Open Mouth Gag Mask Hood For an exquisite Sex Toys

Wholesale New Goddess Story Dream Country 04 Night Of The Goddess 2 Chun Shan Meng Meise 2

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Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
from €44.60

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Latex on eBay - interesting finds
"Aaaaaim in love! Again, again!" (-Maria Mena)

Search eBay DE: Latex Transparent Strümpfe Westward Bound

 transparent-latex-stockings-01.jpg     transparent-latex-stockings-02.jpg     transparent-latex-stockings-03.jpg   
An matching dress with long sleeves (I love transparent latex)

 transparent-latex-dress-01.jpg     transparent-latex-dress-02.jpg   

eBay: latex dress 0.45mm* mini store: god96tw
I remember that someone was asking me about the "enema piss pants". Just found them on eBay:

 transparent-latex-piss-pants-01-enema.jpg     transparent-latex-piss-pants-02-enema.jpg     transparent-latex-piss-pants-03-enema.jpg   

Search eBay DE: Latex Gummi Windel mit Hülle und Plug

in this shop:

DE Store: DUDEA-Latexshop

My experience with another design:
Another version - latex briefs with a piss condom (but without a butt-plug)

 latex-briefs-piss-condom-01.jpg     latex-briefs-piss-condom-02.jpg     latex-briefs-piss-condom-03.jpg     latex-briefs-piss-condom-04.jpg     latex-briefs-piss-condom-05.jpg     latex-briefs-piss-condom-06.jpg     latex-briefs-piss-condom-07.jpg     latex-briefs-piss-condom-08.jpg   

Search eBay DE: tanga slip latex Röhre

The seller is GumBootman
To keep the two briefs with condoms (see above) in place - a men's latex swimsuit with a penis hole:

 latex-swimsuit-men-01.jpg     latex-swimsuit-men-02.jpg   

Search eBay DE: Herren Latex String Body

The shop: DE Store: RUBBERZONE24
It's more about latex, than bondage, hence posting here. I like the photos, but I do not think it's something extremely exciting and "must have". Transparent latex balloons in various colours:

Search eBay DE: latexballon fruchtblase gummi fetisch

The seller is Panzerknacker (there are some more latex items on sale)

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
 transparent-latex-balloon-01.jpg     transparent-latex-balloon-02.jpg     transparent-latex-balloon-03.jpg     transparent-latex-balloon-04-red.jpg     transparent-latex-balloon-05-red.jpg     transparent-latex-balloon-06-red.jpg     transparent-latex-balloon-07-red.jpg     transparent-latex-balloon-08-purple.jpg     transparent-latex-balloon-09-purple.jpg     transparent-latex-balloon-10-purple.jpg   
Neoprene water-polo swimsuit. Looks very interesting:


eBay: Bare neoprene one piece suit
Latex water-polo-like swimsuit. Or a latex leotard. I like the shape/form/design of such swimsuits - they fit better than the suits with long sleeves (it does not matter how wide your shoulders are), but unlike usual swimsuits, they cover the whole torso.

Can be ordered in one (black, red or blue) or two colours.

 latex-water-polo-swimsuit-01.jpg     latex-water-polo-swimsuit-02.jpg     latex-water-polo-swimsuit-03.jpg   

Search eBay DE: Latex Damen body easy-slide latexfeeling
DE Store: ernchen72
(12 Jun 2012, 23:07 )Like Ra Wrote: It's more about latex, than bondage, hence posting here. I like the photos, but I do not think it's something extremely exciting and "must have". Transparent latex balloons in various colours...

I got one of those, after I broke the smaller one (look for "Latex Fruchtblase" with a long neck). Definitely not a bondage item, I would call it a self-hugging device. I also tried it with vacuum, that's more like it. But it lacks a valve.

(19 Jun 2012, 14:40 )Like Ra Wrote: Neoprene water-polo swimsuit. Looks very interesting:

eBay: Bare neoprene one piece suit

I looked at the description:


I understand, that only the front is made from neoprene, while the back is a standard bathing suit cloth. I also wonder, how the back looks like.
....and now for something completely different (queue Monty Python music):

Search eBay UK: Latex Inflatable Pig Catsuit store: aqualatex

 Pig Suit.jpg   

I don’t really know what to say… but there must be a market for this sort of thing or else why make it?

What a crazy world we live in 😁


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