Vacations, kids and fetish moments, candid photos and pantyhose

Pantyhose and stockings on the streetSometimes we just need a week off to disappear somewhere. Not because you have certain plans, particular wishes or places you must visit right now. No, but to break out of vicious circles you would continue to go round and round should you decide to stay at home.

My last vacation was exactly one of these cases. And it was great. There were almost no “fetish moments” except one. We were going to a supermarket to buy some food when my daughter asked:

D: Do you have a photocamera with you?
Me: Yes, why?
D: What if there will be women in shiny pantyhose? Or men?

OK, you have to either know my daughter or read our dialogues I published here to understand that that was a kind of a joke. On the other hand, every joke contains only a part of a joke.

Indeed, when you are travelling it’s perfectly normal to carry a photocamera on your neck. Even if you see girls/women in the “proper clothes” every day on your was to and back from the office, or in the office if you’re lucky, usually you do not have an opportunity to make a photo. You either do not have a decent camera with you, or it would look very suspicious (imagine yourself aiming a camera at your co-worker’s legs in shiny pantyhose), or plainly there is no excuse to take out a camera when you are squeezing yourself in an overstuffed bus/metro/train, or it’s too dark, or if you plainly have no time.

When you’re on vacation you become a hunter. You hunt for new impressions, new atmosphere, new food, new environment, new people, new nature, and after all new photos to show them to your friends and to keep them for yourself to look at them later and to experience your feelings again.

And as it happens more often than we would like to, your friends usually browse through your photos a bit too quick than what you would expect them to. Of course, they were not a part of the process. They do not know what was happening, how it smelled or sounded. Or what your excitement was when you noticed that pair of beautiful legs in perfect sheer slightly shimmering stockings and high heeled sandals. And what it took you to take these out of focus photos, on which you can see (if you have very good imagination)…

Yes, you must be lucky, quick, bold, experienced or even a professional photographer to capture perfect candids everybody can enjoy. But everybody can enjoy the evocative “hunting” scenes they managed to catch and “conserve” by themselves.

Below you can find some photos I made during my family vacations.

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