Gothic festival in Utrecht 2009 – Part I

img__08296l Gothic festival in UtrechtSummer Darkness (“a dark underground interdisciplinair festival”) took place in the gothic centre of Utrecht from Aug 05 to Aug 09. I managed to get to Domplein only on the last day – Sunday. Now I know that I should’ve found more time to enjoy the very special atmosphere! A sea of positive emotions, smiles and “courteosity” everywhere, more photographers than goths, and, of course, the clothes styles varying from pinky flowery anime to vampires and dark medieval wizards and witches.

However – no latex. Pantyhose, stockings new and laddered worn everywhere and on all body parts – yes. Shiny vinyl – yes. Latex-wet-look lycra – yes. Velvet and leather – yes. Corsets and super high heeled boots – yes. But no latex. Actually, latex is way more expensive and much less practical… But still…

Anyway, I made 350 photos within just a few hours. I’m still post-processing them. This is the first part.

4 thoughts on “Gothic festival in Utrecht 2009 – Part I”

  1. I love your website! Tell me, what did you wear by yourself visiting the Gothic Festival?
    Tfan66 – Amsterdam

  2. You got me here. Apart from latex underwear – nothing related :-\ A t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. Shame.. yeah … My major goal was photo-shooting…

    OTOH, I have nothing gothic related in my wardrobe, especially suited to wear outside. Usually, I do not take part in parties or festivals. The only serious event I’ve been to (and enjoyed) was Europerve 2001. There I was completely covered in rubber: latex catsuit, latex knee-highs, latex gloves, latex minidress, latex hood, latex hand bag (it was one of my heavy rubber hoods) and high-heels.

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