Shorts with tights

With a great surprise I discovered that shorts with pantyhose (tights, stockings, leggings, whatever) combination is thought by some (many?) people as strictly prohibited by the fashion canons. Does fashion have canons, actually? I doubt it. Probably caNNons, but not caNons 🙂 It wouldn’t be fashion if it was so conservative (“You can’t do this!, because … errrm…. Because nobody does this!) and lacked innovations.

There is no difference between shorts and skirts of the same length and made out of the same material. (I think shorts are more convenient). But there are people who fight for the right to wear shorts with pantyhose. And no, I don’t mean men (NB: Though it also looks ridiculous – nobody prevents men wearing shorts with pantyhose except themselves, but that’s another story).

Two examples (back to women):

Don’t know why but I find girls in pantyhose and shorts sexier than girls in pantyhose and skirts. Mmm…. Because I also wear pantyhose with shorts? Dunno… But… Have a look”

What do you think?

Thanks for the pictures to lycratights2000.

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