Pantyhose and Russians in Spain. Part I. Shiny black

Girl in sheer black shiny pantyhoseSpain, Girona, +28, and you are tired. And then.. suddenly… you see a girl dressed in black. You look down…

Black sheer thin shiny pantyhose. Narrow stripe of the reflected light. You almost feel the transparent stretchy film. You make three shots while you are passing by. They turned sharp and you can zoom even deeper…

You are rewarded for the day…

6 thoughts on “Pantyhose and Russians in Spain. Part I. Shiny black”

  1. Ha Ra – you’re back!

    I can see you’ve been enjoying yourself, even if only visualy 🙂

    I do confess that I also rate a day as ‘worth living’ when it includes an atractive pair of female legs clad in nylon. It has been noted by friends and work mates that my mind wanders when a well nyloned and high heeled (or booted) young lady walks past… ah, happy, happy days!


    welcome back


  2. Классные фотки, сам делал? А в общем, токо нашие славянские девушки могут одеваться так, что словно кувалдой под дых. Красота.

  3. Интересно, а какой камерой делался снимок?

  4. Porter wrote:

    сам делал?

    Ага 😉 Как успел камеру выхватить – сам не знаю. Ровно три кадра, пока мимо шел.

    Porter wrote:

    а какой камерой делался снимок?

    Canon 5D + EF 50 1.8 II

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