Catalonia, kids and white pantyhose. Part I

White pantyhose, bike shorts, bicycle and kidsWhat is “traveling” for you? I would call it “external changes”. Of course, the internal changes may follow, but what you notice first is how the “outer” world is changing in front of you. Landscape, climate, buildings, language, people, clothes. The more you look at the people the less errors you make in guessing their nationality.

The first thing I noticed in Catalonia is kids in white nylon pantyhose. Regardless the age. Here’s an example.

When we were walking along the beach we noticed this family. Look at how the girl on the bike is dressed. Very neat and properly thought out. White t-shirt with long sleeves and blue and gray graffiti print, white pantyhose, black spandex bike shorts, helmet (what definitely excludes the Dutch and most Slavic nationalities) in blue and gray, white sneakers with red spots.

I would say that the white pantyhose are a bit unusual in combination with a bike, however they perfectly match the outfit, and most likely were chosen for the look.

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