Nana to Kaoru. Chapter 18. Gags

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Another point – gags. I can’t imagine bondage without a gag. No gag – no bondage. It does not even matter what for gag I have in my mouth: a short rubber tube, a rubber ball, a condom filled with wrapped up pantyhose, a latex dildo or a cock. It must be something! Or the bondage is ruined, feels fake, cheating, completely wasted. A I mentioned in the Erection of the day form thread – I get instant erection when I imagine that someone is gagging me. It’s so much different when I do it by myself, though I adore it anyway. (see also Waaiiimmmmpppphhhhh…..!!!! Or self-bondage vs bondage. Part III).

Some psychologists say that gags remind us about breast feeding (pacifiers), some say that it’s about cock sucking, some emphasize the submissive effect of not being able to speak clearly. Does anybody care? I simply want my mouth and even throat to be filled in with something rubbery or leathery and I do not care about role plays. But let’s see what the Japanese sensei says in the manga:

A gag is a tool placed in the mouth. If one had to name a visual that comes up most often when the average person thinks of S&M, it would have to be ropes, blindfolds or gags. In short. a gag is a major S&M item.

Gags bind the expressions of the face, also forcing the wearer to salivate excessively. It is a tool that forces a number of impairments to the body. But the greatest part of gags is that it also removes the victim’s ability to speak. And just as “humans are made humans,” by stealing the ability of speech…gags can turn victims into virtual animals, unable to do anything more than let out primitive growls and whines! In other words – Gags bind the very bodies and souls of those who wear them!

Gags also have a variety of types…for example, this “bite gag.” The verb “bite” is “kamu” in Japanese. It is a type of gag that is bitten with the back of one’s teeth, and adding that with the appearance, it’s plain to see that it was designed after horse reins…of course, the way to use it is exactly the same as well!

This gag is used in “horseplay,” a very popular style of SM in the Western world! There are even some European designs that include full face masks and ears too. As expected from the gag’s birthplace.

We also have these “Ring gags.”After tightening this collar around the victim’s mouth, it will stay continually open…
Because of the way the human body is designed, this will force anyone’s tongue to hang straight out! Just like a dog. With that, the inside of the victim’s mouth, with all its sensitive saliva glands, can be played with to one’s heart’s content.

And finally!! The ball gag! Often named as being the most popular gag!

A short Japanese tutorial, a mini-Wiki page for bondage beginners 😉 I wonder about the history of various gags in Japan and in the western countries. Who, when and why invented and borrowed what. For example, a hollow ball gag with lots of holes is very Japanese.

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