Another self-bondage master

According to Nekonekorin blog, Hotaru can do that alone without any help, and there is even a video tutorial on how to do that. Looks amazing…

After Nancy, he’s the 2nd person I’ve seen on the Internet who can do such things.

7 thoughts on “Another self-bondage master”

  1. Hi.
    You mention a video tutorial, but I can’t find it..
    Can you help ?


  2. Hello everyone,
    Sorry for writing in my unskilled English in here, but it felt
    appropriate doing so, since you are talking about my site and my work.

    Certainly, this is my own selfbondage.
    We don’t have any video or DVD for selling, the way to the selfbondage is shown only in my member’s page.

    The introduction of the selfbondage is shown by 16 separate video clips.
    However, it cannot be recommended for beginners because this is a little difficult.
    If you are some experienced person about bondage or selfbinding, we will recommend joining my site.

    Thank you.

  3. Could you explain your thoughts on this and how this position is achieved. Maybe there is a video or tutorial floating around on the internet, you have any idea where to find it?

  4. Hello. This one need an alert. After you got your hands tied up this way numb, you can hardly or completely impossible to get them free. Need full instructions

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