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Fetish food. Part V. Motivators and kinky vegetables

fetish-food-12The previous photos from the fetish food series were not only “not easy to reproduce”, but I even put them into the demotivators category. Here’s a different story. A good candidate for the Look around. Anything kinky? Fetishy? Erotic? thread ;-)

Look around. Anything kinky? Italy. Pescia. Bound legs in pantyhose

IMG_0884-bound-legs-in-pantyhoseFound on the main square in Pescia (Italy). You will not argue, that you see bound legs in pantyhose, will you? ;)

Post your “stories” in Look around. Anything kinky? Fetishy? Erotic?

Bondage art by Ah-Gu. Part VII. Reflection

ah-gu-bondage-fetish-art-116See previous parts.

Most Ah-Gu’s drawings are accompanied with very short stories. I tried to translate them from Japanese using Google-translate, but I was never able to catch the “general idea”. Moreover, I got an impression, that these stories make drawings less interesting, they limit your imagination to the particular “deviation” of the author.

On the other hand, the images let you imagine your own story, more exciting, more scary, more naughty. The “depicted persons” can be of any age, any gender, can be self-bound or bound by someone else. It all depends on you.

And as I said before I always see myself there. Dressed in latex, bound and gagged…

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Simple bondage. Part X

simple-bondage-94See other simple bondage posts.

The simple bondage series is a good illustration (or reference material? ;) to MadJack’s poll “How do you like to be tied? – Up or To?” and what bondage is about.

Also it’s a good starting point for simple self-bondage session. With the exception of single-glove photos. While Strappado proved that single-gloves can be used in selfbondage (see Single-gloves in self-bondage – Strap Securing thread), the technique is pretty much advanced.

See 12 photos below.

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Look around. Anything kinky? Italy. Pontedera. Automatic sexy point

IMG_5363_automatic_sexy_pointI noticed this “automatic sexy point” booth on a benzine station in Pontedera (Italy). I made a picture from the shopping centre side over a fence, so I could not get in without going around the fence, and I did not have time.

Does anybody know what’s inside this booth? F#$@&g machines? Masturbators? Automatic self-bondage devices with random timers? Inflatable latex boys&girls?

Or just a condom wending machine?

Post your “stories” in Look around. Anything kinky? Fetishy? Erotic?

Erection of the day. Bound elbows

bondage-art-59I used to keep this picture in the browser for several months as a “mood changer”. While quite minimalistic, it’s got everything to press the right buttons:

  • Bound elbows. Just reading or hearing this expression explodes my imagination. Simple bondage yet so powerful!
  • Gag. I bet there is something inside! Not just an over the mouth scarf.
  • Latex gloves
  • Sheer black stockings

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Look around. Anything kinky? Italy. Lucca

IMG_9784-pantyhose-in-LuccaYou can call it a game or a lifestyle. During vacation with your family, on the way to/from your work, in the office, while watching a film or a show, always I look for what I call “my fetishes”. It can be something simple like high heels worn by a show presenter or …

Look at the photo I took in Lucca (Italy). See anything? No? There’s a close-up below.

Post your “stories” in Look around. Anything kinky? Fetishy? Erotic?

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Pantyhose, stockings and black and white fetish photography. Part XIV

pantyhose-stockings-black-and-white-236See previous parts here.

More close-ups and “partial views” today. Which one is your favourite this time?

See 12 photos below.

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Would you wear the same fetish clothes in public if… Demotivators of the day

men-in-pantyhose-404Latex is just a material, there is nothing wrong in wearing latex in public“, “Yes, I wear these clothes in public. And to the office too“, “I never get any bad comments about my outfit“, “Nobody will notice anything“.

You’ve heard that before, right? Or possibly it was you who said that? OK, at least I did and do. Usually I ask two questions (but and never get answers, ha-ha…).

The first one is mostly addressed to women:

Would you wear these clothes if you knew that nobody would see you?

The second is definitely for men (we know what happens with our self-bondage or bondage mood when this happens :D ):
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Adventures in Rubber. Chapter 7

See all chapters here.

Part 16
Part 17

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