Do you love swimsuits? Or Men in swimsuits.

When we started the discussion over the supertight one-piece swimsuits (see What is the fetish sport #1? Swimming, Jaked suits or kids and fetishes) one thing was clearly missing. We addressed it in the follow-up (see Do you love swimsuits? Or Boys in swimsuits – Part I.).

Now let’s get back to the original post but with the correct details.

See also Men in swimsuits and leotards forum thread (there were no issues with this thread ;-P ).

Photos and video courtesy of Fhide (Japanese)

8 thoughts on “Do you love swimsuits? Or Men in swimsuits.”

  1. I’ll admit to a swimsuit affection or fetish, but it’s not with men. It’s not even with all women..It’s with my hot-bodied older sister in ANY sort of swimsuit. One or two-piece. Wrong? Probably. Incredibly arousing to the point I sometimes can’t control myself? YES!

  2. To expand a bit, I think it started when I’d go shopping with her and she’d look at and try on different swimsuits, often asking my opinion. I got so used to seeing her slender, fit body in swimsuits, lycra, etc, that after a while, I HAD to see her in it. Would even ask/urge her to wear one if we were alone in her old apartment. More often than not, she complied, thus feeding the fetish that much more!

  3. This is a good story for these two forum threads:


  4. I find men in swimsuit as sexy as women. This particular man is extremely arousing in this suit. Nice body.

  5. What brand of swimsuit is this one? Adidas? I would love one myself!
    Is this an Adidas Trisuit, as you can still get Triathlon swimsuits as they have not been outlawed by Fina.

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